View Full Version : Fabricated Intake Manifold For 'Orphan' V-8's Ford Y Block And IHC

racecar builder
07-26-12, 03:53 PM
hobby machinist's

here's link for U Fab intake manifold.


point is, this has been done before.

i was looking for the U Fab that was made out of sheet metal.

i've suggested this as a Group Project


have a nice day!

07-26-12, 04:43 PM
The intake your e-bay link shows, looks to be a cast aluminum deal.

Over the yrs Ive fabbed many intake manifolds, never out of sheet steel, allways sheel aluminum.
Im not aware of a vender selling do it your self kits

You might try to google up Hogans Manifolds, they may sell a kit that is not fitted or welded

racecar builder
07-26-12, 05:01 PM

take a look in General here, i've suggested it for

a group project here.

while the sample U Fab is log type,

i went from square logs to what the heck

just make it a big open plenum box manifold.

a good sheet metal guy can build this in a morning.

with good drawings!:)

here's paint drawing of side plates and

front view.

have a nice day!


07-26-12, 07:07 PM
Not for nothing, but thats got to be the crappiest intake manifold design I've ever seen. Just looking at it, you know those center cylinders are running too lean and fuel starved. You already have 4 carbs so why not center each carb ( move the carbs on each bank closer to the center),over a pair of intake ports and with a divided plenum and straighter passages to the cylinders. Then run a X-tube between the 4 chambers for pressure equalization much like a X-tube on an exhaust system. I f your gonna build it... build something worth building...right.:holdphone:

racecar builder
07-27-12, 12:23 AM

that link was just example of DIY intake kit

from 50's or 60's.

present design is just a big box that sits

between heads.

it can have a single 4 bbl top or a bunch of other kinds of tops.

open plenum like a Z28 crossram intake.

this is just a recombination of existing ideas.

have a nice day!

racecar builder
07-28-12, 02:38 PM

to pull this all together.

take a 4cy or a 6 cyl.

i just want to make about a 5" square rectangular log manifold.

i could use a ready made intake flange and trim it off around intakes.

THAT goes on first, then the fabricated box manifold goes on.

this is a Popular Mechanic's type project.

it's not launching the space shuttle.

so the V8 log manifold manifolds are just like the straight 4 and 6 ones

adapted to the 90 degree V8.

have a nice day!

November X-ray
07-28-12, 02:42 PM
You got any Sketches or drawings as how the parts would need to be made?

racecar builder
07-28-12, 03:04 PM
november x ray

you're seeing it!:)

just these Paint drawings and maybe a couple more

on the computer.

i do have the Ford 292 block and heads to take measurements off.

see link in first post here to 'Project Idea' post.

have a nice day!

racecar builder
08-14-12, 02:00 AM
hobby machinist's

1 will have empty Ford Y block and

heads with valve's & springs still in them

to mock that up.

2 going to put a 45 degree triangle against head

and see about intake faces being 10 degrees different

than square to head surface.

boy, am i dumb, that can be checked with just head, flat surface and a square!:)

i would think if it does slant 10 degrees it would be out at the bottom.

have a nice day!