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Always Wear Goggles.


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why you should always wear goggles.
at work making some bits using lathe and mill, do a bit then out on to shopfloor to check fit, and back to do more on it.
machinist at work is teaching me equipment as part our personal development plans.
it is a new bit to try and improve the machine so lots of try and see.
followed company policy of putting in use signs on equipment.
get back in shop to find one of other engineers rubbing his eyes, turns out he had decided to brush down mill as was bored.
no goggles despite numerous signs everywhere and having been on the company safety course.
trip to a+e and get 5 pieces of swarf removed from his eyes 3 in one 2 in other.

said didn't think he needed goggles as only cleaning up.


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Eye damage is no fun at all. I did a quick job with an angle grinder and cutting disk. I looked away yet a piece of the fiberglass from the disk flew off, bounced of a surface and speared me in the eye. I didn't notice immediately but over the course of 3 hours, I was wanting to pluck out my own eye.

We usually think someone else will get injured but after this happened to me, I have glasses and ear protection all over the shop. Enough pairs for me and anyone who visits me in the shop. The rule is that if you are in the shop, you are wearing safety glasses.



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I always wear "wrap around" safety glasses in the shop. I once had a brand new spray can of conductive shielding paint, the plastic nozzle seemed clogged so I pulled it off to clean it and the entire can of paint blasted me square in the face. Basically a controlled explosion the entire can emptied in like 2 seconds.

GA Gyro

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Goggles are a basic safety item... IMO.

Cut-off wheels are great tools... until one comes apart in the work... with pieces flying around like 'ninja stars'...
Truly messy potential there.... :eek: