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Another Lathe Safety Reminder Video ...

Tony Wells

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Trying to get untangled I expect. I really couldn't really tell. Maybe a shirt tail incident. Definitely something he shouldn't have been doing.


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Reminders are helpful, I once got my shirt snagged in an angle grinder cup brush. It barely caught the shirt but the tug caused the wheel to contact my pants in the fly area and it proceeded to chew about 8" from just below the waste band across the front of my right thigh.

Nothing precious was so much as marred but there was a raw spot across the front of my thigh for a week.

That was a piddly little 4.5" dewalt, you can bet I get all tingly in my own shop when I fire up the 9" Sioux. Seriously want to fabricate a guard for that thing.

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Trying to get untangled I expect. I really couldn't really tell. Maybe a shirt tail incident. Definitely something he shouldn't have been doing.
Oh no, that's pretty bad right there! :eek 2:

I guess the video starts too late to really see what he was attempting; it starts with what looks like him climbing into his work then the lathe grabs him and shoots him through.

I got my hand stuck in a Maytag wringer once; couldn't imagine doing that to my whole body...


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Must be my browser. The ubuntu laptop doesn't show anything and my old XP shows "loading player."
Finally got it to play - the ad/script blocker stopped it. Never had that happen on here.


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Peter said "Worker pulled into lathe. No gore; in fact the man looks like he wasn't hurt, but apparently later died of his injuries."

That was gory enough for me! These things are good to see every now and then to keep your brain/sphincter/memory systems in operation.


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What a foolish thing to do, trying to free up some stuck tooling or something, too lazy to reach over and shut off the power. That's just plain asking for it.
Good grief Charlie Brown!
Mark S.


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The issue is that we tend to get comfortable over time with our machines. Then with out thinking about safety and focused on the task at hand, or in a rush, we do something in a split second that we should not have done. We have all done it. Sometimes it leads to making an error on the part we are working on or breaking our machines and tools. And then there is the ultimate price, the breaking of ourselves. Unfortunately there is no second chance or do-over. We all can not be reminded enough. Thank you Peter.


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Lets keep our comments nice. I feel we don't need to be bashing others out there in the world for their faults. We need to learn from other's mistakes so we don't do the same mistake again in our shops. Ken