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Before And After Pics Of My Sheldon Lathe


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Boy that was a rusty mess wasn't it? Did you have to regrind the bed or was it OK after cleanup? How long had it been sitting outside?
Mark S.

AR. Hillbilly

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Active Member
The man who originally owned the lathe, died nearly 30 years ago. They had an auction nearly 10 years ago and it sold to a friend of mine. He kept it in an old barn until I bought it. The machine was coated with grease. I cleaned the ways with used dryer sheets and parts washer solvent. Some of the accessories in the drawers were a lot harder to clean up. I still haven't got the stand cleaned up. I have a friend who is a n experienced machinist came to look at it and told me that it is in excellent condition.


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I'll have to give a hollar the next time I come thru Eureka Springs!