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Depth Of Cut On A Bp Mill....?


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I've used Bridgeport mills exclusively and have no other mill experience.
So far so good, but was wondering about setting the quill/knee height to use end mills.
Q: Should the quill be retracted with the spindle extended as little as possible or is it better
to raise the knee as far as possible to minimize lowering the spindle or does it matter?

I figure that extending the spindle/quill as little as possible is better to reduce vibration?
I usually raise the table as much as I can for the work/cutter length/depth of cut.
General milling question.

Bob Korves

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H-M Supporter-Premium
It is a much more rigid operation to leave the quill at the top of its stroke and locked, and then use the knee to produce the cut, with gibs dragging slightly. The quill is designed for light drilling and boring, nothing else. Minimizing the distance between knee and head also increases rigidity. Yes, it is more convenient to use the quill, but you are giving up a lot for the convenience.


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Great. That is what I thought. I have locked the quill in other that fully retracted but now I'll make sure it is all the way up.. :) Thanks