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Digital Calipers Can Be Fixed


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I picked up a Starrett 12" digital caliper in a deal. The problem was that the spring shim which controls the ease of movement of the caliper was missing. Without it the calipers won't function properly. I tried Starrett, New England Gauge and others. No one supports a digital caliper. Starrett didn't even have a parts diagram for it and their tech guy had no idea of what I needed.
The caliper listed for @$230 and I wasn't about to toss it .

I decided to try to make the part. Since it was a very small and I only had an idea of what the dimensions might be, I decided to disassemble an old Harbor Freight caliper I had. Well I'll be damned. The HF shim fit perfectly. I now have a fully functional Starrett 797 caliper.

Just a reminder if you need parts for your high dollar electronic caliper, spare parts may only be as far as your local Harbor Freight dealer


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H-M Supporter-Premium
So now I'm wondering is the high price caliper worth the money if the low priced caliper parts fit the high price ones? I know that there is more to it than just a spring shim but aren't electronic just about the same?I my be totally off base here. Rick