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Grizzly G0705 Mill/Drill vs G0704


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I was at Grizzly in Muncy, PA last weekend and looked over the various benchtop mills. I had planned to buy one but unfortunately or perhaps fortunately Grizzly was completely out of stock on every mill/drill it seemed.

Originally I had been considering a G0704 with the dovetail column but seeing the size difference for equal price made me wonder if I wouldn't be far better off with the much more hefty (size wise) G0705.

What are the practical benefits of the dovetail vs. round column mill drills?

What are the practical benefits of a gear drive vs. a belt drive?

I really would appreciate any guidance in terms of pros and cons of the various machines.


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To be dead honest, I don't yet know everything I'll "want" to do on the mill but here are some of the things that I'm trying to set up to do:

[list type=decimal]
[li]Build model engines - at this point I want to satisfy a childhood dream of building a steam engine[/li]
[li]Building tools and jigs for my other hobby - woodworking[/li]
[li]Building tools and jigs for this hobby[/li]

I see a lot of people converting the dovetail way mills to do CNC type work. At this moment I currently don't have an interest in doing that. Being a computer programmer, when I go out to the shop I want to forget about computers :)

I can see myself wanting to cut gears (eventually) and attempting to create fake castings -milling out all the extra material to make something look like it was cast but not. Some of the tools I'll be making will be for my kid's woodturning hobby, specialized cutting tools and so forth, many of which will probably be out of drill rod and machining a flat on one side and an end.

I could see wanting about 20" longitudinal travel to cover 99% of what I can dream up today.

One concern I had with the gear heads have been horror stories I've read on the web about some having plastic gears and making even small cuts stripping the gears. The other concern is a matter of size for the money. Too often I've thrown money after smaller machines in my woodworking hobby only to find that I really needed the heft or size of a bigger machine and down the drain goes a significant portion of the investment in the previous tools. Thus I'm trying to make sure that I don't make a sizing mistake this time around.

Mark R. Jonkman


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Yep, I went to the "smashed and crashed" sale. Drove 7hrs to get there.. man did I have to pay off my wife big time to go. She evenutally came around, 3 days no kids (left Thurs), 2 days of tool shopping bliss (thank goodness they have a lounge) and an eighteenth anniversary thrown into one weekend :) Only cost me $1.5K to buy her off new laptop computer to replace her 10 yr old hand me down, and a few hours of standing in the ladies wear stores holding bags and twiddling my thumbs.

I was also very disappointed in the stock of new tools. I questioned the son of the CEO of Grizzly (the son was there working the showroom) and his response was bad forecasting. They basically need a 6 month lead time on orders from Asia. The group doing the forecasting probably assumed bad economy slower sales and apparently way underestimated the needs.

Maybe I missed all the good deals on the metal working stuff as I went to the woodworking tools first but from what was left 20 min into the sale looked more like a bomb had exploded in the metal working tool tent.


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I have had the G0705 for about a year now and the biggest issue, not problem, is moving the head up or down and loosing regestration like was said eariler. Even with the dove tail column I would still want to check to make sure I am still on zero before resuming cutting which is what I have to do now any way. So I quess there isn't much difference other then someone who has a G0704 and finds after several times of moving the head that they maintain zero on the part. I would like to hear from some one who has a G0704 and checked this.

Jack Lavallet

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I took delivery of a G0705 two weeks ago, and so far am pleased. First cuts showed it had way sufficient power compared to small mini-mill I had before. I found the table 0.01/6 inches out of tram in X, .005/6 inches out in Y which really didn't surprise me with an out-of-the-box machine. I loosened the column block hold down bolts and used coke-can (0.004) shims to bring the tram to 0.001/6 inches both ways. Seems to be holding fine. Getting the drive belts off their shipping positions was difficult - they must put the belts on as they bolt the motor in place, and the new belts are very stiff. I had to loosen the motor and nod the motor shive to get the belt off once, but once off I could make adjustments easily. One negative - the handle on the Y-axis handwheel is so close to the edge of the chip pan that you'll hit your knuckles on it till you learn to only grab it at the outside end of the handle. Only wish is, I want an X-axis drive already!


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congrats on your new machine. Definitely a big step up from a mini mill.

You got the G0705, the round column mill?

Probably want to replace the belts with new quality ones, or maybe a link belt.


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I have nad a G0704 for 2years and I love it. I am currently trying to scrape together money to convert it to CNC. People talked me out of getting a round column..I can't remember why..

Dr John

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I have had a G0704 for several years. It is a good machine but has the problem of a plastic gear. I have destroyed the gear twice, now, while doing flycutting; even when making very light cuts. I've been exploring converting it to a belt drive but haven't found a kit at a reasonable price.