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Hats off to wa5cab for all his hard work!


Rest In Peace
I'd just like to tip my hat to wa5cab for spending the time to populate the Downloads section here with a ton of super great material.

The task has to be enormous given the volume of uploads received since the Downloads section went back on line. The pent up demand to upload material seems to have all been released in a flurry of activity lately.

Thanks for your hard work wa5 and keep it up as this material is incredibly interesting to me and to others.

I may never own much of the equipment we now have manuals for but just looking at all the stuff is fun for a machinery geek such as myself.


Rest In Peace
Yup, Kudo's to WA5CAB for all of his efforts and hard work. I am sure many members will enjoy the benefits that his efforts will provide. Thanks from all of us to you!!!



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I agree he put a lot of work into it and the manuals and etc. will be of great benefit to lots of member - including myself!