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[Lathe] Mach3 Index/rpm Problem In Turn. Works Fine In Mill V.62


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Hi everyone,

I have been digging around all day on this one. Time to ask the H&M Grand Poobah collective!

Trying to make Winter my "CNC Turn" project.
  • Mache in Mill mode runs fine to display RPMs.
  • Mach3 in Turn mode will NOT display anything.
  • In Mach3 Turn mode I have the same settings as Mill mode. Index pulse lights cycles as I turn in/out of reflection in Turn. I have tried various debounce values and have 0 in there for now. I'm at a loss for now.
One item, maybe a clue? In Mill Mode, RPMs do not show up unless I have the Spindle CW button clicked. It highlights yellow and RPMs take off.
In turn mode, I did try the 'reverse' option but again, I'm guessing and doing 4 different projects at once.


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13:39 mark of this Video. Good vid btw. Need to click the Spindle button on Turns screen! Will check tomorrow but I am 99% sure this is my issue.

YEP, SOLVED. Press the BIG button called SPINDLE. :) Next up VFD control from MAch.

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