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[Deals] Mic Set

Bob Korves

H-M Supporter - Premium Content
H-M Supporter-Premium
Let's hear the whole gloat with the prices... I got a set of nice Mitutoyo 103 series mics, 1-5", .0001", with the standards and tools, at a yard sale for $50. I also got at the same place 3 tenths reading indicators, a BesTest DTI, a Mitutoyo dial indicator, and a vintage large dial Starrett last word in the case with the accessories for $10 each, all .0001", mind you. This was from a newly retired grinder hand. The sale was "opens at 8:00 am, absolutely no early birds." I got turned around and was a little over five minutes late, and there were half a dozen guys going through a PILE of his tools like crazy people. I jumped into the fray too, and these were the only things left I could find that I actually could use, sure wish I would have arrived on time, those guys got the real deals... I almost bought a .000050" Mahr snap gage similar to the one below for $40. He had 3 of them. When would I actually have a legitimate use for it? All of his stuff was in nice condition, if only I would have got there on time...