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Old grinder


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That appears to be a high quality industrial model made in U.S.A. It also appears that you were very well compensated.


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It looks heavy duty, It will never die. What does the name plate say? I bought my sears grinder 40 years ago and I use it alot, ball bearing type also. It will probally outlast me. My neighbor has a simular one like yours, it was a hand me down, still going strong.
Enjoy your new toy,


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Speaking of when real grinders were made check my bad boy, notice grease fittings on the
top and run it with a glass of water on top.

Real Grinder.JPG
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This grinder is a Walker-Turner badged machine, built by Kingston-Conley.
US made, all cast iron contruction = smooth operation.
My neighbor has one labeled Miller Falls that look like yours but Brian is correct. An enlargement of your motor tag (see attachment) seems to confirm what he says. Maybe the Kingston-Conley made them for others as well.

Great grinder, take care of it.

In middle Tennessee

Grinder Label 2011-12-05_191931.jpg