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Ot Industrial Safety While Building A Bridge


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When I visited China and Hong Kong I was amassed by their use of bam boo scaffolding ... 30 stories up and all this bamboo tied together. Awesome.
I remember seeing that for the first time in in Hong Kong also, 46 yrs ago. Pretty amazing for a kid from rural Wisconsin. An OSHA inspector would have heart failure. Mike


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In my travels over in China, I've notice they wrap some kind of green "safety net" all around the building after the bamboo scaffolding is put up. Saw a bunch of that bamboo on top of a small Madza size pickup truck. The bamboo range in sizes from about 4-5" OD down to about 2" in diameter. They have some kind of metal fasteners they use with the bamboo when erecting the poles. It's still tied with some kind of cord as they have been doing for the last 2000 years!

A comment made to me on one of my trips over there about loss of life on the job. "For every one loss, there are four or five in line waiting to take their place!" And this was an Chinese person telling us this. NOT FOR ME!