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taper turning between centers


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when taper turning between centers which is the best way from right to left or left to right or does it depend on job at hand thanks irishwoodsman:biggrin:


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I usually feed into the headstock. For a SB 10L lathe this is where the Thrust bearing is taking the load.
I also use a small boring head to do the offset. This way I dont change the tailstock for drilling

Attached is my set up for a B&S#9
Great idea that boring head :thumbzup: Probably want to make sure it's installed parallel with the ways in a horizontal plane as it could throw things off if it's on an angle ? Or does that make a difference Jim B ?? :headscratch:

george wilson

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There are special center drills made for taper turning. They drill a hole shaped like the bell of a bugle instead of just a straight sides 60ยบ hole. That way,the entire hole has contact with the center hole,and not just 2 places of contact,which is what you get with a regular center drill used in a tapered turning operation.

I can't recall if these center drills have a special name or not. You can tell them by just looking at them. You'll see their concave cutting edges.