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Taper Turning Jig And Cannon Barrel


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As I was in the middle of making a taper turning attachment for my 10x20 lathe in order to make a cannon barrel, I realized I could only make a straight taper. Could you make a profile template and attached to the taper jig. How does one make the decorative finials ,rings etc. I was going to make a 8-10 inch barrel for a old style navel gun or civil war type.


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You might check out this video

from DiResta where he makes a cannon. He actually free hands the curves and tapers, dialing both handles at the same time.

OxToolco also demonstrates a profiling technic on one of the Baby Bullet video's in that series. His method is a little (or a lot) more accurate as he uses a profile template and dial indicator to help in following the profile.

Since it's your cannon you can decide how much accuracy you need and pick your poison.