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Unsupported Work Kills.....*pdf Link*

great white

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Coles notes:

worker was cutting round stock on a CNC lathe
About 3 feet out the back of the spindle unsupported
Work piece bent about 80 degrees
Worker didn't turn off machine when he heard the noise
Worker went back to see what noise was
Bent stock strikes worker in the head, torso and extremities

End result: 27 year old man dies, with so much life still ahead of him

My take away: Support your work properly and shut the bloody thing off immediately if ANYTHING doesn't seem right. I may seem a little paranoid, but this is one of the reasons why I plan to have a couple emergency stop buttons on my lathe. I'm not scared of it, but I sure as heck have a healthy respect for it.

Machinery has no mercy and takes no prisoners...


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yes indeed I've heard that clanging myself in years past, when someone forgot to secure a reel tube properly