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  • Slotter
    Keyway broaches are quite limited as to length of cut, which varies with the width of key, "pushing the envelope" risks the chance of breaking the...
  • Slotter
    I want to do a similar build. I need a broaching key way slotter that will cut at least 4.00 inches. Very nice job. Nelson
  • 2016-08-21
    Well this isn't fair, you guys can all get together and share secrets..! while the rest of us just suffer in seclusion.. Good for you... very cool...
  • 2016-08-21
    going clockwise, yes sir, bob korves is the white haired guy. next-Jon is eeler1 on the forum next, ted is talvare next, the ugly guy in the flash...
  • This little girl appeared inbetween pictures. Really wanted to be in the pictures!
    Cutie- she looks like "Newt" from Aliens M
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