1. expressline99

    WTB: Bridgeport variable speed 2hp parts

    I've got a few looking to buy parts that I've found damaged in my unit. It's a Series 1, VS 2hp version. I'm looking for: Timing belt pulley (this one has the sharper looking teeth not as flat and square as the 1 or 1-1/2 hp version) Spline pulley hub. (This is not the one that the lock nut...
  2. N

    New Member - UK - Introduction

    Dear All, I am delighted to be allowed to join the forum. The rules state that I should begin by posting an introduction: I hope that I'm doing this in the correct place. I enjoy making, fixing and exploring things. When I'm not working, or messing around in my home workshop, I grow...
  3. M

    [Newbie] J-head And Hardinge Restoration (1957-ish)

    Howdy all, I just posted this over in the Bridgeport section http://www.hobby-machinist.com/threads/1957-series-i-j-head-and-1957-ish-hardinge-hlv-new-to-me.51795/, but figured I'd slap it here as well. I acquired a couple of (free!) machines which came from a small maintenance shop and were...
  4. M

    1957 Series I J-head And 1957(ish?) Hardinge Hlv [new To Me]

    Greetings All, I just acquired - for the low, low price of nothing, two things: 1) 1957 Series I J-Head Bridgeport - pancake motor 2) 1957 (near as I can tell) Hardinge HLV Lathe Overall, I don't think that - given their age - they're too bad off. They certainly need some extra special TLC...
  5. David Lewis

    Smooth Arc Function

    Last year I bought a 3-axis DRO to go with a new BP clone, and I was excited to find out about the smooth arc function, however I cannot get it to work. I assume there are parameters I do not understand, but I'm a smart guy and I am at a loss. For reference, it is a DRO Pros 3M, Z on the knee (I...
  6. GarageGuy

    Questions About 6" Bridgeport Mill Vise

    I picked up a 6" Bridgeport mill vise at an industrial garage sale for $50. It works perfectly, has little wear, and only one pockmark. The only thing wrong with it is the jaws are missing. I can make new ones, but I have a couple questions: What kind of steel is best suited for mill vise...
  7. R

    Testing A Rotophase Converter

    I'm not experienced at all with 3 phase, so I have a question about how to verify that a Rotophase is in good working order. My brother is selling off some equipment, including a 3Ø BP and the converter. Probably the BP will be first to go, but then there's nothing left to run off the...
  8. Eddyde

    Bridgeport Clone, Vari-speed Head Woe

    Today, while continuing the setup and contemplating the CNC conversion of my new mill, I decided to check the full range of all the axises. X 29.75", Y 12.25"... Then I turned the stop all the way south on the Z, pulled the quill lever, smooth all the way down Just about 5.25" of travel. Then I...
  9. B

    Mill Recommendations

    I'm wanting to start buying some equipment to start my own shop but I don't have a ton of money to work with. I've seen old Bridgeport's with CNC controls on EBay for $4500-$6000 but I've also been told auctions are where I will get the best prices. I guess what I'm wondering is if anyone has...
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