1. M

    Looking For Advice To Widen Groove on Bearing

    Hello, I'm new here and just a novice with understanding of the basics. I have 8 u-joint cups that I need to machine on my lathe, to fit my lawn tractor. In the attached picture, the blue arrow is showing a groove that I need to widen 0.040" to fit my driveshaft yoke. The material is quite...
  2. R

    Help finding cutoff insert

    Greetings, I have had this tool holder and insert for many years and just got around to try and use it. I can't seem to locate any inserts like this. Does anyone recognize it? The holder is marked TRW, Made In Holland with a number 150 1251 2020 stamped on it. Maybe that's an expiration date...
  3. dhoodlum

    Sharing my clamp on scraper design

    Hi All, this is my first design for creating an anderson clamp on scraper. It's dimensioned to fit on a 1/8"x1"x18" thick steel plate to clamp a very large carbide insert, but it can be adapted to fit any size. Please tell me what you think! Just wanted to share because I could only find one...
  4. WesPete66

    Cemented carbide usage?

    I was wondering how popular is the use of cemented carbide? I'm referring to the various sized pieces that one would braze onto a steel bar/holder. Reason I ask is because I landed a box of 150-200 pieces of new carbide at auction, mostly Carboloy & some KenneMetal. Is anybody out there...
  5. Susan_in_SF

    Simple Carbide Grinder Question

    Hi guys, I picked up this carbide grinder last week. As a newbie, please forgive my ignorance. I notice how "regular" grinders have eye shields, yet carbide grinders do not. Why is that? Thanks, Susan
  6. H

    Indexable parting blade woes

    Have always wanted to try a parting blade with carbide insert. I have a LMS 3536 8.5x16 lathe that has enough juice to handle it. The commercial versions are out of this hobbyist's budget, so went for a Shars combo pkg - - AXA holder, blade & inserts. Gave it a run today...
  7. M

    Feeds And Speeds - Aluminum Facing With Carbide On Taig Cnc Mill

    Hello Machinists, I just purchased a Taig about five months ago, and am entirely self taught (using what I could find on the internet). I am cutting small molds out of 6061 aluminum. What is the optimum RPM, IPM, and DOC for a optimum surface finish using a carbide facemill? I understand...
  8. Subwayrocket

    Import Indexable Carbide Inserts, Asia Ebay ? Help Please, Tnx

    I have a few indexable insert cutters & boring bars that take the inserts below. Someone PM'd me an ebay link to carbide inserts that were in the $30/box of 10 price range . I bought some Korloy and also found the TNMG in Ceratip brand . I'm seein them for two to three times as much on legit...
  9. P.K.

    Lefty Boring Bar

    Ooops, a brand new left hand boring bar arrived in the mail today. Don't worry, it wasn't broken. The first thing I did was to part it off in the lathe. And here's why. Now I can bore some really big holes using the cross hole in the boring head. I tried to do this with the...
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