1. D

    ' 57 Noisy Clausing Colchester 13 Gear Noise :(

    I purchased a 1957 Clausing Colchester 13x36 gearhead lathe. My main concern was spindle runout and alignment. I thought that hardened ways would protect the ways.I did not pay enough attention to the head drive gears; bad on me for not checking everything out. The long and the short is there is...
  2. S

    Hypothetically, but seriously, Clausing 4912 or Logan 10 840?

    In this thought exercise/potential reality, imagine that most everything else is absolutely the same like the drive train, the condition, the tooling, the price, etc...everything relevant is equal in this alternate reality and you're given the choice between a Clausing 4912 and a Logan 10...
  3. C

    Clausing 5419 lathe

    I picked this up a couple of years ago. It had been owned by the Omaha Public School district, and they guy I bought it from acquired it at an auction from the school district. Overall it was indecent condition. Everything worked, and minimal scars from it's years with the students. I put a...
  4. Ecosta777

    Homemade Clausing Micrometer Carriage Stop (Prints / Models)

    I recently got a Clausing 5914 12" lathe. It was unfortunately missing the micrometer carriage stop. I designed and have been working on a new one for it. Here are the photos of it in progress, I'm not quite done yet, but I will post finished photos when it's completed. Here is a link to the...
  5. E

    Does anyone know about a Vintage Atlas 6" metal turning lathe Model 3950 serial 2610.

    Im trying to figure out how old it is and where i might be able to find a new adjustment handle.
  6. Ropata

    Kondia owners? Clausing Kondia standard head manual machine owners?

    Just arrived in my garage is this lightly used Kondia FV1. Any owners on here with some helpful info on parts and spares would be greatly appreciated. My main concern at the moment is the auto quill feature. As you can see from the video , I'm not sure if I can't work it out or It's broken. I'm...
  7. G

    Clausing 5900 Quick Change Gearbox Disassembly

    I've hit a roadblock on breaking down my Clausing 5914 QCGB. Can anyone advise what the proper steps are to complete the breakdown? My guess is to remove the nut on the main gear cluster and then drive it out in the direction of the bearing cover. Once that cluster is out the key is removed...
  8. G

    Tapered Roller Bearing Removal from Lathe Spindle (Clausing 5914 w/ Video)

    The short of it is that I purchased a lathe with a bent spindle (.0015" out). I was able to find a replacement spindle after removing the original to confirm the location of the bend. Any ideas on how to remove this precision bearing without damaging it? I was thinking of packing the...
  9. C

    My new Clausing 100 mk3- a few questions

    Hi All- I'm new to the forum, although I've been reading posts here and there for years when I'm doing research for a project. I picked up the Clausing at an estate sale about a month ago, but all the tags had been removed except for the Timken bearing label, so it took me a a few hours to...
  10. Briney Eye

    New Almost Clausing 8520 Owner

    Should be picking up the mill and tooling in the morning. I'm looking forward to getting it cleaned up (and probably painted) and moved into my little shop. It's in pretty good shape, in a pro shop for many years (A few feet from a Hardinge HLV). Some TLC and I'll have a nice mill to go with my...
  11. H

    Clausing Konia FV-1 Mill

    I just purchased a used Clausing Konia FV-1 knee mill from a local machine shop. It is very similar to a the Bridgeport mills I have seen so the functions are fairly apparent. I can find very little information about the machine and would like to know a bit more about it.
  12. R

    Looking For Good Bed And Saddle For Clausing 4900

    Looking for a good bed and matching saddle for a Clausing 4900. Need for the 24" center to center bed version. Also could use a good set of half nuts. robotwizard_att net to reply by email replace underscore with "@" and replace space with a "."
  13. Orange4

    Clean Up Of Early Clausing 100 Mkiii Standard Lathe.

    Picked up a nice dirty Clausing for $500. Thanks to all who helped with ID and advice. It was in a basement shop of a condemned house. Was being used for turning wood so it was covered in sawdust. Everything was there though. I think It's a markIII because of the cover latch, and feet but the...
  14. X

    Wtb: Clausing Colchester 15x48 Gap Bed W/ Apron T-slots

    I'm in Houston but willing to travel to pick up a good one.
  15. echesak

    Stuck Chuck And Head Cleaning

    I've got a Clausing 4914 that I've been using and working on for about 5 years. I picked it up for $150. It was very complete, including a 3 phase Baldor brake motor. I've been looking for a 4 Jaw chuck for the odd-ball 1-3/4x8 headstock threads. I finally located one and began work to fit...
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