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  1. WesPete66

    Tomlee Tools drill press

    I scored this fine old drill press at auction for a mere buck.. (I felt kinda bad, it deserved more respect than that. ha) But I likes my old iron so had to have it.. The tag says Tomlee Tools, and vintagemachinery.org dates it to about 1950. It got caught in the rain so needs a good cleaning...
  2. Susan_in_SF

    How Many of You Guys Have Multiple Same Tools? Also, I Need Your Opinion

    Hi, As many of you guys already know, my 1 car garage woodworking/metalworking workshop is cramped. My good guy "friend" has been storing in his garage my late 1930's Atlas floor drill press that I bought a few months ago. Here is a pic: He now is asking me to pick it up. So, given the fact...
  3. Kaylee Frye

    Drilling errors and solutions

    Hi all, hope I'm in the right forum - this is barely machining, but I need a machinist's mindset for advice. I am the metalworker for a small custom furniture shop, and lately we are making a lot more designs that rely on bolt connections rather than welding. I am able to finish the...
  4. H

    Sears 10" Drill pres

    Now that I have the LMS 5500, getting the head up and down is doable, but a bit of a chore. I've heard it is a good idea to have a drill press in addition to a mill. I've been looking at the Sears 10" bench drill press, and have seen a few good comments about it online. Moderately priced, small...
  5. T

    Help Identifying OLD drill press

    hey guys , I was referred over here from another area on the forums .. I have an old drill press that I grabbed from my uncle when he passed .. he was a lathe operator ( I believe for wood turning ) but had a decent little home shop that contained many rigged and homemade setups ... years ago...
  6. D

    New Ellis 9400 Drill Press received.

    I upgraded my drill press this past week. I ordered an Ellis 9400 drill press Monday from Elite Metal Tools and it arrived via Fedex Freight on Friday. This was another great job of customer service by Elite Metal Tools to get it to me so fast. The Ellis is anything but cheap but the pricing...
  7. K

    Quill Adjustment Screw

    My Craftsman Drill Press (113.213150 - Made in Taiwan) has a lot of play in the quill, especially at at the full end of the travel. This play is greater along the X axis (in mill terms) than along the Y axis. (More side to side than front to back.) Yesterday, I finally got around to taking the...
  8. N

    Drill Press In Need Of Help!

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the site; I've been out of machining for awhile, but have recently been tooling up. I just added a 20" Rong Fu VFD drill press to the shop and it arrived a little worse for wear. The depth stop handle was broken off, as was the electrical box holding the VFD. I...
  9. Ulma Doctor

    Vintage South Bend Drill Press 14b2a Dph-101a

    I had the very good fortune to meet a new bunch of friends yesterday in the Sacramento area. A like minded group of guys, that were just a pleasure to be around. The members of the group are also members here on the HM forum, which makes it that much nicer to put a face to the name! Member TAWP...
  10. Ulma Doctor

    Shop Made Rotary Broach, Down And Dirty!

    Shop Made Rotary Broach i have a job that requires a square hole to be pierced through a piece of machined steel. the material is too thin to be push broached for fear of fracture. i don't have pull broaches or the puller for that matter, so i'm doing the next easiest method i have seen. i...
  11. G

    Advice On Removing Bent Arbor From Spindle

    I need some advice, please, on a recent hand-me-down. It's a DAYTONA DF-12 (not Dayton), 12 speed, that I think is a Rexon, it's made in Taiwan. The badge on the DP says JT.3 for the spindle. I thought I could use #3 Jacobs wedges, but as you can see in this picture, the tapers can't get above...
  12. AB2ZI

    Drill Press Table Rotation Lock

    I have a Jet drill press. The horizontal locking pin that's supposed to register the table at 90 degrees to the spindle is of course not (90 degrees/level) so I always reset it with a square and some round stock in the chuck. Here's my problem: When I get the table square to the spindle and...
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