1. Wheels17

    Atlas Shaper Pinion Gear Question

    Short Version: Does anybody know the specifications for the Atlas 7B shaper pinion gear? The two most critical numbers I need to confirm are the number of teeth(easy) and the pressure angle(old gears, probably 14.5, but not sure). I believe it is a modified Boston Gear NF15B. It's fairly...
  2. Dustynorm

    Vintage Bertram Lathe Restoration Update and Remaining Projects

    Here is an update on the progress, I had some interest in the lathe and I thought I should share in video form in hopes that it's a little more interesting. Progress Update and Projects Take care, Dusty
  3. Dustynorm

    Lathe Auto-drive Gearbox - Dominion - oil change and running

    If anyone needs more information on the Auto-drive, let me know, I'll be putting together more videos on this subject in future. Thanks, Dusty
  4. vtcnc

    Benchtop Gear Hobbing Machine

    Well, starting the new year off right! I'm now the owner of set of Prestech castings of which when finished, will allow me to hob my own gears. There was an auction on eBay over Christmas and I figured what the heck... There are 11 iron castings manufactured by Preserved Technology LTD., of...
  5. F

    Logan 920 Reverse Gears

    Anybody out there with a 920 or a 922 Logan that can tell me how many teeth the reversing gears have? Also, does anybody know if the DP on the gears on the 11" 920 is 16, or 20? Thanks all Cody
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