jet-16 level table

  1. GunsOfNavarone

    New here, purchasing a used Mill. HELP!

    Hello guys and girls. I'm brand new here and have already found a ton of helpful info here. I need something from y'all...all y'all?? Anyway, what I really need is about 4 of you to come over and help me move this mill I'm buying into my garage, short of that I really need advice. The mill. It's...
  2. G

    Level The Table?

    Saturday I bought a 1979 JET-16. I am pretty excited about learning how to use it. The primary reason I got it is that I sell disc brake kits and sometimes I need to make a brake pad thinner. That should be pretty easy with a mill. My problem is as I cut about 2" wide 8" long the left rear...
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