1. PabloMack

    New Possibilities for CNC Machine Tools using Gerbyl Machine Programmer

    I decided to write this as an article in a PDF file so here it is. Merry Christmas everybody.
  2. C

    [How-To] Enco 110-1351 CNC conversion

    Alright, I figured I'd get into some lathe work. . . So I went and bought an ENCO 110-1351 that had its own home made CNC on it. Was sold to me as working order. Figured great, I'll get to start playing around! NOPE. hahahaha. Which is all good. Massive learning curves are fun. So, machine...
  3. Zyox Jägergeist

    Heavy iron rolling in

    It's been a while since I've posted anything. Frankly been to busy to, moved and been working hard to get everything built up and in it's place. Well, it's been a lot of work in a short timeframe. Poured the floor, got the walls insulated and drywalled, finally rolled everything in, in about a...
  4. alita589

    Clutch acting weird, HELP

    Hi all, Im new here and in need of help and problem solving with the clutch on an old Sebastian lathe with power cross feed. The clutch is a cone style (see pics) This is the problem i am experiencing: (see videos) 1. With the clutch nut loss the hand wheel turns freely and the clutch...
  5. RafaelMarujo

    Oh boy, you guys are gonna hate me.

    Oh boy did I screw myself this time... First of all, thank you guys for reading and please excuse my writing because English is my second language. So a while ago I bought this old used Spanish lathe for 500€, and I've been restoring it. It was in poor condition (and still is), but it's usable...
  6. 100LL

    A Bring a Trailer for machine shop equipment

    Hello all, quick message to gauge interest in a website specific to a manual machine auction listings. For those that like classic cars, think Bring a Trailer but for lathes, mills, accessories, etc suitable to the home shop. eBay is the big name but the seller only gets about 92% of the sales...
  7. R

    How Can I Reduce Parting Tool Chatter

    I've got an Atlas Craftsman 12x36. Whenever cutting with my carbide insert parting tool it seems to create a lot of chatter if I don't go incredibly slowly. I took care to ensure that the blade is at 90° to within ~0.002", but the workpiece wants to vibrate a fair bit while cutting. Today I was...
  8. R

    Any Idea What's Making This Sound?

    I've got an Atlas Craftsman 12x36. Whenever I run it on the back gears and apply more than very little force taking a cut, there's a fair bit of what I can only describe as a "crunchy" sound. Attached is a video of the lathe running with the sound. My first guess is that there isn't enough play...
  9. R

    Are These Babbitt Bearings Still Good?

    I've got a new to me Atlas Craftsman 12x36 from the 30s. I was partially taking apart the headstock to do some cleaning and also to inspect the babbitt bearings. Can anyone with more experience tell me if these bearings are still good to continue using or if I need to pour new ones? Thanks in...
  10. W

    Another tool needing identified

    Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all having a great Saturday so far! I was digging through the tools that I received with my lathe and found this. I first was thinking a boring device of some type but I think this is for a mill.....I would love for someone else to chime in and educate me...
  11. G

    Cut my very first chips, inevitably, I now have questions...

    So, after working out the issues with my lathe, I've managed to acquire a bit of 12L14, sharpen up one of the tools that came with the lathe, and cut a few chips in something that isn't PVC pipe. I think it actually went decent for someone who's never touched a machine tool before! I do have a...
  12. G

    Lathe operation, feed rod vs leadscrew

    I have an Enco lathe (model 110-2031, of which I own possibly the only example), and I do not have the manual. I have been reading the manual for the Grizzly G9249, which is clearly somewhat similar, but definitely not the same. In the manual, in the section "Power Feed", is described the...
  13. D

    Lathe Spindle out of Alignment with Bed Ways

    The lathe is new to me, it is an older Clausing Colchester 13x36. It shows signs of moderate ware, it does not show signs of outright abuse. I am trying to assess its condition and how far out of spec it is. I have been struggleing with measuring horizontal spindle alignment vis e vi the ways, I...
  14. W

    I purchased a Boley F1 lathe from Europe as an American. (Need Help converting 220v to 110v)

    Hello I purchased a Boley F1 lathe from Europe and would like info on how to convert from 220v to 110v and incorporating a foot pedal. I live in the USA and have heard that the easiest route I can take is to use a VFD to control the speed and output 220v on my 110v apartment connection. If I...
  15. E

    Price Check and Inspection Advice - Nardini MS 1432 E

    Hi All, I'm looking for some advice on a machine that is available locally. It is a Nardini MS 1432 E that according to the seller is in a good condition with minimal use as an engineering/R&D machine (not sure how it was used before this company acquired it). I'd be using it in a home shop and...
  16. B

    Need help identifying lathe and drill press

    Hello all, new to the forum and general machining. I need some help identifying my late grandfathers lathe. It doesn’t have a lot of the manufacture’s stamp on it anymore. All I can gather is a watch company’s name (image below). That’s the only identifying mark I can find. The lathe still runs...
  17. R

    New EMCO Maximat V10 and Mystery Box of Accessories!

    Hello Hobby Machinists! Today is my first official post on this forum. Up to this point I have been a lurker skimming tricks and tips where I can for my home shop. I've always been an operator of those slightly disappointing Chinese import machines (mostly Grizzly) and although they do the job...
  18. S

    Hypothetically, but seriously, Clausing 4912 or Logan 10 840?

    In this thought exercise/potential reality, imagine that most everything else is absolutely the same like the drive train, the condition, the tooling, the price, etc...everything relevant is equal in this alternate reality and you're given the choice between a Clausing 4912 and a Logan 10...
  19. C

    Clausing 5419 lathe

    I picked this up a couple of years ago. It had been owned by the Omaha Public School district, and they guy I bought it from acquired it at an auction from the school district. Overall it was indecent condition. Everything worked, and minimal scars from it's years with the students. I put a...
  20. Ecosta777

    Homemade Clausing Micrometer Carriage Stop (Prints / Models)

    I recently got a Clausing 5914 12" lathe. It was unfortunately missing the micrometer carriage stop. I designed and have been working on a new one for it. Here are the photos of it in progress, I'm not quite done yet, but I will post finished photos when it's completed. Here is a link to the...
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