1. WesPete66

    My chuck done gone bad..

    I have a 6" independent 4-jaw chuck on my Atlas TH54 lathe. Other night I was about to dial in a stud for threading and the (jaw) screw stripped its thread. On a closer look, the threads in the chuck body are just plain worn out. I knew they were worn, but not that bad (or so I thought). Well...
  2. jblancuzzi

    Another Lathe Hand Crank Thread? (FINISHED!)

    I am pretty new to machining, although my father was a hobbyist and my stepfather was a machinist, and feel like I am learning quickly. That said, I decided I wanted to really get myself setup for success. I inherited all of my father's tools after he passed away and he had a Smithy CB-300 3-in1...
  3. Ulma Doctor

    Torture Testing the Unimat SL1000

    I have a Unimat SL1000 and a DB200. they are enchanting due to their small footprint as well as for the precision in which they are made. I'm torture testing my SL1000 to find the boundaries of operation. (and possibly step over them from time to time) for the control portion of the experiment...
  4. D

    New member with Craftsman 109. My first project

    Hello! I’m a new member here. I joined up after lurking for a while so I could finally see full sized images and post when I have questions. i currently only have a Craftsman 109.0703 lathe. When I was young my dad brought it home from somewhere with plans to set it up and mess around with it a...
  5. J

    New user looking for some infomation.

    Good evening people, Im hoping you can help me with some information about this machine. so my father is a car mechanic in London and has had this machine for 45 years or so. He swapped it for some parts I think. Its still sitting at the back of his shop and has been dubbed "The closest lathe to...
  6. S

    Chester MF42B Thread Dial

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, I am sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section. Please could someone help me with making a thread dial indicator, the part that I am struggling with is making or getting hold of a gear that I can use on my Chester MF42-B. It has a TR20 x 4mm...
  7. H

    Sieg SC3 Drama

    Hi guys, Hoping someone can help. Brought my SC2 out of the shed where it has been sitting for a while and it originally wouldn't turn on. Getting power and the green light would turn on but two secs later the fault light would too (no spinning). Read somewhere that the potentiometers inside are...
  8. A

    Enco 110-0820 In need of TLC

    Hello all fist post, hopefully many more to come. I have been sitting on a used (broken) Enco 110-0820, with base, that my friend couldn't afford to fix at the time and I picked it up for free. I have all the parts that I know are broken (I bought them from Enco almost 7 years ago). After...
  9. A

    Can I a spin stepper motor by hand without damaging the driver

    Hi I'm making an electronic lathe lead screw and have a Nema 34 and a DM860S driver to run it, would I be able to still turn the lead screw by hand using the handle (my lathe is a smithy AT300 with the handle connected straight to the lead screw) without risk of damaging the driver. I don't wank...
  10. vtcnc

    TOS SN40 SN50 2019-10-09

    Includes wiring diagrams, specifications feed charts.
  11. hermetic

    Covmac lathe restoration, any examples in the USA?

    Hi guys, here is a link to the rebuild of my other lathe, a 13" geared head Covmac, made during WW2, not in Coventry, but in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, UK, by P&C Garnett, a textile machine manufacturer, as war work. I would be interested to know if any Covmac lathes made it to the USA...
  12. D

    how to create 4 pieces of equal length and square ends?

    I am making a tracking device for astrophotography. The drive box will be 6 inches long and 2 inches top and bottom. It is my plan the top and bottom connect on the ends of the sides, The drive shaft will connect through bearings on the top and bottom. The objective is to make the top and...
  13. E

    Does anyone know about a Vintage Atlas 6" metal turning lathe Model 3950 serial 2610.

    Im trying to figure out how old it is and where i might be able to find a new adjustment handle.
  14. Susan_in_SF

    This Lathe Might Be A Good Deal

    Hi Guys, Last week, I visited my friend, Gary Aragon - the guy who buys lots of large metalworking machinery and resells them. As I mentioned before, he often throws out into his metal scrap dumpster stuff that I then snag for free (like a ton of vintage Armstrong lathe toolholders). Anyways...
  15. T

    New what?

    Hello, I just got a new grizzly micro lathe and was wondering what all might be needed for a "basic" setup. I plan to mostly do small projects, pens, rings, threads and so on. What tools would be best for setup and would come in handy? I'm coming from more of a 3D printing background, witch is...
  16. Greg Madrigal

    Grizzly G0768 Lathe DIY Powered Lead Screw & DRO

    Hi guys. First time poster here. I wanted to share my experience regarding the G0768 since there is very little online about it. I am hoping this will help somebody else tackle these issues. All in all, I am at very happy with my modifications. I realize that in order to turn the wooden fly...
  17. Susan_in_SF

    No More Machine Purchases (After This One)

    Hi Guys, I wasn't planning on buying another lathe, but this one will be my last machine purchase, really. As you recall, a few months ago, I purchased a 2J Bridgeport for $450 from a private high school in Wine Country, Sonoma. Today, I visited another ritzy private school that was selling...
  18. D

    Newbie needs help with mini-lathe

    Hi all, I'm a newbie when it comes to machining and I need a little help. I have a MicroMark MicroLux 7x16 mini-lathe. I've been trying to machining some brass (C360) on it and I'm getting what I would call "catches" or "grabs" when I'm turning. The work seems to catch and either leave a...
  19. A

    Lathe Spindle bearing lubrication

    Hi, I got my first lathe and am just getting into the hobby. The thing is my lathe doesn't have any oil ports for the spindle bearings and i'm not sure how it gets lubricated. I opened the top up to find grease on the bearing that look dried up. I'm not sure if these are sealed angular contact...
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