1. G

    Lathe operation, feed rod vs leadscrew

    I have an Enco lathe (model 110-2031, of which I own possibly the only example), and I do not have the manual. I have been reading the manual for the Grizzly G9249, which is clearly somewhat similar, but definitely not the same. In the manual, in the section "Power Feed", is described the...
  2. D

    Lathe Spindle out of Alignment with Bed Ways

    The lathe is new to me, it is an older Clausing Colchester 13x36. It shows signs of moderate ware, it does not show signs of outright abuse. I am trying to assess its condition and how far out of spec it is. I have been struggleing with measuring horizontal spindle alignment vis e vi the ways, I...
  3. W

    I purchased a Boley F1 lathe from Europe as an American. (Need Help converting 220v to 110v)

    Hello I purchased a Boley F1 lathe from Europe and would like info on how to convert from 220v to 110v and incorporating a foot pedal. I live in the USA and have heard that the easiest route I can take is to use a VFD to control the speed and output 220v on my 110v apartment connection. If I...
  4. E

    Price Check and Inspection Advice - Nardini MS 1432 E

    Hi All, I'm looking for some advice on a machine that is available locally. It is a Nardini MS 1432 E that according to the seller is in a good condition with minimal use as an engineering/R&D machine (not sure how it was used before this company acquired it). I'd be using it in a home shop and...
  5. B

    Need help identifying lathe and drill press

    Hello all, new to the forum and general machining. I need some help identifying my late grandfathers lathe. It doesn’t have a lot of the manufacture’s stamp on it anymore. All I can gather is a watch company’s name (image below). That’s the only identifying mark I can find. The lathe still runs...
  6. R

    New EMCO Maximat V10 and Mystery Box of Accessories!

    Hello Hobby Machinists! Today is my first official post on this forum. Up to this point I have been a lurker skimming tricks and tips where I can for my home shop. I've always been an operator of those slightly disappointing Chinese import machines (mostly Grizzly) and although they do the job...
  7. S

    Hypothetically, but seriously, Clausing 4912 or Logan 10 840?

    In this thought exercise/potential reality, imagine that most everything else is absolutely the same like the drive train, the condition, the tooling, the price, etc...everything relevant is equal in this alternate reality and you're given the choice between a Clausing 4912 and a Logan 10...
  8. C

    Clausing 5419 lathe

    I picked this up a couple of years ago. It had been owned by the Omaha Public School district, and they guy I bought it from acquired it at an auction from the school district. Overall it was indecent condition. Everything worked, and minimal scars from it's years with the students. I put a...
  9. Ecosta777

    Homemade Clausing Micrometer Carriage Stop (Prints / Models)

    I recently got a Clausing 5914 12" lathe. It was unfortunately missing the micrometer carriage stop. I designed and have been working on a new one for it. Here are the photos of it in progress, I'm not quite done yet, but I will post finished photos when it's completed. Here is a link to the...
  10. M

    Looking For Advice To Widen Groove on Bearing

    Hello, I'm new here and just a novice with understanding of the basics. I have 8 u-joint cups that I need to machine on my lathe, to fit my lawn tractor. In the attached picture, the blue arrow is showing a groove that I need to widen 0.040" to fit my driveshaft yoke. The material is quite...
  11. Plasanator

    Atlas 10" Reverse Box exact dimensions

    I made this in sketchup 18. this is my thingaverse link so you can down load stl file to make it. If you use 40 percent or higher infill it would be strong enough to actually use on lathe. Or you could use it for mold like me and metal cast your own. Oh...
  12. A

    Standard modern lathe misalignment

    Hi there, This is my SM 2000 series up and running with a noisy headstock right now. I am doing a cut test and the result is bad. It is leveled as good as possible with an ordinary level, I don't have any better now. I got a taper of 4 mils in 5 inch. The headstock is bolted dead-on on v ways...
  13. FriscoMustang

    South Bend 9A 644R Advice on purchase?

    Thanks for taking a minute to help a newbie. I’ve been doing some very minor fabrication in my home garage and have decided I’d really like a lathe. I had my eye on a good looking, possibly restored 618, but after doing more research decided I wanted to go ahead and get a lathe that I could grow...
  14. MyLilMule

    Refurbishing a 1941 13"x5' lathe

    I recently acquired my first lathem, a 113-B built in 1941. It was in "working" condition when I bought it, but a previous owner had it so gunked up with grease, instead of oil, that I decided I was going to take it apart, clean everything the best I can, give it a fresh paint job, and put it...
  15. Sugarkryptonite

    South Bend 13" mechanical restoration

    Hi guys, I'm a beginner to the machining world. Grew up watching my dad working on his SB13, mills, welders, etc. My dad had this lathe sitting around as a spare for his SB13 in the corner of our shop. I asked one day if I could restore it and he said sure. This will be a slow process, and...
  16. S

    Moving Grizzly G0776

    Hi All, I just received notification that the G0776 lathe that I order has shipped and I'm trying to prepare for delivery. I ordered liftgate service which should help get the pallet off the truck. I was thinking about renting a pallet jack to get the lathe into the shop. What I wanted to know...
  17. C

    My Atlas QC 54

    Admins, I am not sure if this belongs here or in the projects side, but I thought I would start here. I introduced myself in the new members forum a while back but never got a chance to post an actual thread for my lathe. This lathe was originally owned by the father of a family friend. When...
  18. S

    [Newbie] LMS 5100/7350 vs. Grizzly G0602

    Hi all. I’m a beginner home machinist and I’m in need of opinions. I’m going to buy my first metal lathe and I’m having trouble deciding. While I know a PM lathe seems to be preferred, they are outside my current budget. I think I’ve narrowed my choice down to either a LMS 5100 or even a 7350...
  19. O

    Peerless 1/2 Hp Motor 220 Wiring Question

    Hi guys! I’m putting together an old Clausing lathe that I got from my my grandfather. It has an old Peerless 1/2 hp motor that can either be wired for 110 or 220. It is single phase. It has 6 leads coming out of it which are labeled: T1,T2,T3,T4, C1,C2. I would like to run it for 220. I am not...
  20. Jlwright3

    Atlas Frankenstein Lathe

    So I have an atlas lathe that I am looking to get some more information about. From my own research, it appears that a previous owner has taken a 10" headstock and mounted it to a bed from an Atlas 12" along with the 12" carriage and tailstock. It looks like they machined and adapter/raiser...
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