1. R

    Atlas Craftsman 6 Lathe Tool Post and Crossfeed Slide Gibs M6-304 M6-56 3D Print File 0

    STL file format ready for slicing and 3D printing replacement plastic gibs made from drawings posted here in the downloads section by another. I used PETG although there are other materials such as nylon or ABS plastic that might work well/better. PETG is very solvent resistant and slides...
  2. B

    New to me Dean Smith & Grace 4AV

    I just purchased this Dean Smith & Grace 4AV lathe. I don't know much about it buy I know these are supposed to be some of the best lathes made. This one has a 12" Chuck and around 24 inches between centers. It's got a 10HP motor that was originally 480V 3-phase, but the seller had the motor...
  3. F

    Bushing for mower starter rebuild

    A neighbor has borrowed my beater riding mower, that we use for garden/utility abuse and seasonal purposes (leaf bagging, plowing our gravel driveway, etc). That neighbor has expressed interest in buying it to maintain some grass around the entertainment pavillion they hold some events at. I'm...
  4. J

    Follow Rest Modification

    Hey all, I thought I'd share a possible solution to an issue I've had a few times when needing a little extra support while turning and/or threading on the lathe. I need to make a left hand threaded lead screw and the diameter will be too small and it will be too long to remain rigid while...
  5. devils4ever

    First foray into stainless steel

    Hi all, I've been avoiding machining stainless steel after reading about how some grades are very difficult to work with and will work harden especially when using a (MicroMark 7X16) mini-lathe and (PM25) mill. But, I have a very simple project I need to be in stainless steel and thought this...
  6. D

    1956 13x36 feed question

    The lathe is a 1956 13x36 engine lathe. This has the single lever, 2 slots in the apron to select the feed mechanism The drive mechanism in the apron is loose. When I reach under there is significant play in the shuttle that connects to the power feed. If anyone has a similar lathe can they...
  7. K

    Rough threads - what went wrong?

    I recently cut an M5x0.5 thread in salvaged mystery steel (the counterweight shaft of a junky telescope mount) using a carbide insert on my mini lathe. I could tell from the ragged chips that it wasn't cutting right. It left burrs on the threads. The part ended up fitting okay, but I'd like to...
  8. D

    Did Logan put shims under the headstock?

    Like my title says, did Logan put shims under their headstocks? I took my lathe apart to rebuild it and noticed that there was a 0.005" shim under one corner of the headstock on the flat sides. I'm trying to figure out if someone who owned the machine before did this or if it was from factory.
  9. M

    Clausing Verified Lathe bought for 1k

    So I bought this lathe about 3 weeks ago on OfferUp for $1,000 cash and did some research and emailed Clausings tech department asking if they had any info on it and received the email I attached come to find out it's a Clausing 100-2 sold to white star machinery in 1945 I've called White Star...
  10. PabloMack

    New Possibilities for CNC Machine Tools using Gerbyl Machine Programmer

    I decided to write this as an article in a PDF file so here it is. Merry Christmas everybody.
  11. C

    [How-To] Enco 110-1351 CNC conversion

    Alright, I figured I'd get into some lathe work. . . So I went and bought an ENCO 110-1351 that had its own home made CNC on it. Was sold to me as working order. Figured great, I'll get to start playing around! NOPE. hahahaha. Which is all good. Massive learning curves are fun. So, machine...
  12. Zyox Jägergeist

    Heavy iron rolling in

    It's been a while since I've posted anything. Frankly been to busy to, moved and been working hard to get everything built up and in it's place. Well, it's been a lot of work in a short timeframe. Poured the floor, got the walls insulated and drywalled, finally rolled everything in, in about a...
  13. alita589

    Clutch acting weird, HELP

    Hi all, Im new here and in need of help and problem solving with the clutch on an old Sebastian lathe with power cross feed. The clutch is a cone style (see pics) This is the problem i am experiencing: (see videos) 1. With the clutch nut loss the hand wheel turns freely and the clutch...
  14. RafaelMarujo

    Oh boy, you guys are gonna hate me.

    Oh boy did I screw myself this time... First of all, thank you guys for reading and please excuse my writing because English is my second language. So a while ago I bought this old used Spanish lathe for 500€, and I've been restoring it. It was in poor condition (and still is), but it's usable...
  15. 100LL

    A Bring a Trailer for machine shop equipment

    Hello all, quick message to gauge interest in a website specific to a manual machine auction listings. For those that like classic cars, think Bring a Trailer but for lathes, mills, accessories, etc suitable to the home shop. eBay is the big name but the seller only gets about 92% of the sales...
  16. R

    How Can I Reduce Parting Tool Chatter

    I've got an Atlas Craftsman 12x36. Whenever cutting with my carbide insert parting tool it seems to create a lot of chatter if I don't go incredibly slowly. I took care to ensure that the blade is at 90° to within ~0.002", but the workpiece wants to vibrate a fair bit while cutting. Today I was...
  17. R

    Any Idea What's Making This Sound?

    I've got an Atlas Craftsman 12x36. Whenever I run it on the back gears and apply more than very little force taking a cut, there's a fair bit of what I can only describe as a "crunchy" sound. Attached is a video of the lathe running with the sound. My first guess is that there isn't enough play...
  18. R

    Are These Babbitt Bearings Still Good?

    I've got a new to me Atlas Craftsman 12x36 from the 30s. I was partially taking apart the headstock to do some cleaning and also to inspect the babbitt bearings. Can anyone with more experience tell me if these bearings are still good to continue using or if I need to pour new ones? Thanks in...
  19. W

    Another tool needing identified

    Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all having a great Saturday so far! I was digging through the tools that I received with my lathe and found this. I first was thinking a boring device of some type but I think this is for a mill.....I would love for someone else to chime in and educate me...
  20. G

    Cut my very first chips, inevitably, I now have questions...

    So, after working out the issues with my lathe, I've managed to acquire a bit of 12L14, sharpen up one of the tools that came with the lathe, and cut a few chips in something that isn't PVC pipe. I think it actually went decent for someone who's never touched a machine tool before! I do have a...
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