1. Dr944S2

    Video on making a 3,5 mm special bolt

    Hi, the video shows you how to work with your mini lathe for making a special 3.5 mm bolt: The video has a German soundtrack, but complete English subtitles are available at YouTube. If you don't see the titles by default, watch the video directly at YouTube and press the subtitle button...
  2. Susan_in_SF

    Reasons to Keep Smaller Lathe

    Hello, I am a newbie who bought a nice old Craftsman 101.07301 metal lathe awhile ago. At the time I bought it, I really did not know (beyond the obvious size issues) the limitations of such a small lathe. At the same time, I am working out of a 1 car garage that also has woodworking equipment...
  3. WesPete66

    How to complete this part??

    I am in process of making a part & could use some pointers.. (Lathe is an Atlas QC54. Am using HSS tooling) The part is a ring, 2.25 OD x .75 ID x 1.00" long/thick. On one side is a recess, or counterbore, of 1.625 dia x .875" deep. What would be your choice of HSS cutting tool and process to...
  4. B


    We all make do with what we have laying around more often than we care to admit. I had a drafting table style of lamp that needed a purpose & my lathe work needed illuminating. That lamp, of necessity has received new aluminum brackets along the way - just to keep me going. This cannot last &...
  5. B

    Organizing Lathe Chuck Keys

    It seems that for a lathe there are certain tools that need to be ever present. Since different lathes are layed out differently & use their own version of various tools for every day use, I started paying attention to where the You Tubers (I call them Professors) placed their tools. This is...
  6. D

    Need Advice About Lathe Collets

    I am new to the hobby and I recently purchased a Little Machine Shop HiTorque 8.5" x 20" Bench Lathe. It is their version of the Sieg SC4 lathe. I really like it and just purchased a set of 3MT Collets from them. These are great for working on shorter pieces of rod but they are not through...
  7. cascao

    Turner's cube (another)

    Had a 2 "aluminum laying around and started this project as a challenge. But, after all trigonometry and calculations I realized that it is way easyer than it looked at begining. It consist in bore a stepped hole and machine two internal channel. Same thing 6 times. Now, people who I show it...
  8. Randy803

    Finishes South Bend 16

    Took almost 2 years to finish. Everything was rebuilt... I attached a before pic.
  9. Technical Ted

    New to me Craftsman 12"x24" 101.07403

    I got this Craftsman lathe as part of a lot that was sold from an estate. I wasn't really looking to buy a lathe; I wanted some of the other items in the lot. Here are the stats: Model: 101.07403 (with QCGB) Serial: 12L-041649 12" swing; 24" between centers Tooling: 3 jaw chuck, 3 rocker tool...
  10. tjb

    motor specs on old lathe

    Hello, All. This is a follow-up to an earlier post I probably placed on the wrong forum. (Thanks for the good info and guidance I received from all who responded.) Now, on to the next iteration in revitalizing a nice old machine: I have recently acquired a very nice Kin Shin lathe built in...
  11. tjb

    Motor for an older lathe

    Hello, all. I'm a brand new member, and this is my 1st post. Not even sure if I'm posting in the correct forum, so please bear with me. I have just fallen in to an old Tauwanese lathe. It is a Kin Shin model KS3.5FK built in 1976. I.ve done a little investigating, and it seems to be...
  12. D

    Simple and easy method of checking wear on lathe bed ways

    I've found the easiest way to check how much wear is on a lathe bed is to use the tail stock ways as the reference. Since the tail stock ways usually have minimal wear, those ways can be used as a reference for the carriage ways, which can have significant wear, usually over a span of a foot or...
  13. G

    Buying my first lathe, no experience and need help

    Hey guys im hoping some people on here can help me out. Ive never done any type of machining before, ive watched a lot of youtube videos on lathes and have decided that i want to buy a lathe and have a crack at machining. Ive been looking on ebay for about 6 months+ keeping my eye out for a good...
  14. A

    Machine shop auction in Prineville, OR

    Here is a link for a machine and welding shop auction in Prineville, Or. http://murphyauction.com/Auction/Details/584 There are some lathes and knee mills.
  15. Keith Foor

    VFD's and expectations of them

    I see a lot of questions about VFD's and some statements of personal expectations of them. I want to put this out there to set reasonable expectations for VFD's. What not to expect and frankly their shortcomings. Hope you find it informational. VFD's are actually a new spin on an old...
  16. H

    Lathe Back Stop

    The video I am making public this week is a back stop for the lathe. Whilst one of the lesser used lathe accessories I find it invaluable for the occasional project, often making a task easier, or more accurate, especially when identical parts are being made. A link to the video can be found on...
  17. jlsmithseven

    Simple Dead Center Blueprint

    Hi Guys I've been using a rusty old piece of 1018 steel for my dead center. It's finally begun to see the end of it's life. It's short and I've been putting off making a new one for a while. I want one that is at least 4 inches long so I can attach larger lathe dogs to my workpieces. What is...
  18. Eddyde

    Art for the shop

    I bought this 70's era, Chinese industrial revolution, propaganda poster, a couple of years ago. I finally got it framed and hung in the shop. Its titled "New Lathe".
  19. J

    Hardinge HLV Serial Number 106 ( ca 1950 ) Restoration

    We intend to document the restoration of a Hardinge HLV, serial number 106. RDARLINGTON is the owner of HLV serial number 106 and will be posting here as well. MMCGIRR gave information that HLV serial numbers began with 100 ca September 1950. The designs for the first machines changed quite...
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