1. cascao

    Toolpost Milling spindle for lathe. 2015-11-16

    Please change the layers on the file to work better with the drawing.
  2. maker of things

    Positive Stop Insert Cut Off Blades

    Do you think my 1440 E LB could make good use of this type of parting/cutoff blade? i.e. is the machine rigid enough etc. I work mostly with steel. I like the idea of the insert being wider than the blade for deep cutting. Assuming thicker blade = more rigid doing deep cutting; what do you...
  3. 7

    Recursive Tool Building

    I am wondering, if there are any tools that can make all of their own parts? I'm especially interested if this is possible for metal lathes
  4. MrFixIt

    American Tool Works Lathe Qc Box/gears & A Bolt

    Looking for a couple of items here, first one is a long shot: 1911 14" ATW Tool Room Lathe. I need either the gears from the quick change gear box, or the whole gear box, will take either. Second one is easy, a full thread 1/2-13, 2 1/2" long bolt for my spindle cap. I can find the bolts in...
  5. Ulma Doctor

    [Lathe] Samson Lht-25b Turret Lathe

    I came across one heck of a deal on a lathe on CL, a Samson LHT-25B Turret Lathe. i had considered purchasing a second operation lathe for a while. one very troublesome piece of equipment that i frequently service( rebuild bi-monthly:mad:) is a large conveyor system that in my opinion didn't...
  6. Ulma Doctor

    Hercus 9" Workshop Lathe Model ARH Serial #15548V

    i"m Totally stoked, i just fell onto a pristine but dirty Hercus 9" workshop lathe on craigslist. For those who don't know the Hercus Lathe is a improved copy of the 9" south bend model A. they were imported from Australia, manufactured in Thebarton. it uses V belts instead of flat belts 9 x...
  7. Ulma Doctor

    1940 South Bend 11" 111B 105014 IQR Rebuild By Ulma Doctor

    I'm making this thread to educate any single person that is willing to read, or just look at some pictures and post a comment or ask a question. i promise to keep this thread open until completion. this thread is for you, the Interested... thanks for viewing. I recently acquired on trade a...
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