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  1. Ulma Doctor

    Horizontal Milling Arbor Support : Trans World Steel Vhm-728

    I'm missing the horizontal milling support for my Trans World Steel VHM-728. it's a mill that has both horizontal and vertical spindles. although i don't have a present need to cut anything on the horizontal spindle at this time, i'd like to be ready for the inevitable need in the future. i...
  2. Ulma Doctor

    Playtime With Delrin: Bronze Replacement

    as always, thanks for looking :)
  3. Ulma Doctor

    Classic Car Parade At Work!

    https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/103060654120661306884/albums/6321858600515219425 i still can't believe it!
  4. Ulma Doctor

    Lathe Lubrication Tutorial

    thanks for watching!
  5. Ulma Doctor

    Rpc simple design unbalanced

    Rpc simple design Here's a simple plan for an unbalanced 220/240 v single to 3 phase converter. this design will start ANY 3 phase motor of ANY horsepower with a change of start capacitors! keep in mind,the contactor coil is 220v in this design, adjust coil voltage for high voltage use(480v)...