1. Dustynorm

    Vintage Bertram Lathe Restoration Update and Remaining Projects

    Here is an update on the progress, I had some interest in the lathe and I thought I should share in video form in hopes that it's a little more interesting. Progress Update and Projects Take care, Dusty
  2. Ulma Doctor

    Assembling a Boxed Vertical/Horizontal Milling Machine

    I got a great deal today from a member and good friend, TAWP Tool. the hook was that it was in pieces :grin: After haggling him down to a final price of free for the mill , he sucker punched me with other shiny (new) objects that deftly confused my senses , namely a new DRO w/glass scales...
  3. Sloth2009

    PM-727m New mill has arrived!

    I am a pharmacist by trade and have never used a milling machine before. I decided to buy this mill mostly to help slot guards for my knife making hobby and for some other projects I have planned like crossbow parts and sterling engines. I know it's been done before, but I'd like show a bit of...
  4. craftedmagazine

    My First Metalworking/machining Project, An Aluminum Knob On The Metal Lathe!

    Finally got over my fear of the lathe and spent some time on it. I am a complete and utter noob, so hopefully I didn't do too many things incorrectly. If you guys have any pointers for me, that'd be much appreciated. I'm using the Precision Matthews PM-1022V, if anyone was wondering.
  5. Rotary Broach

    Rotary Broach

    shop made rotary broach
  6. Rotary Broach

    Rotary Broach

  7. Ulma Doctor

    Shop Made Rotary Broach, Down And Dirty!

    Shop Made Rotary Broach i have a job that requires a square hole to be pierced through a piece of machined steel. the material is too thin to be push broached for fear of fracture. i don't have pull broaches or the puller for that matter, so i'm doing the next easiest method i have seen. i...
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