1. devils4ever

    Machining Copper Jaws

    I'm replacing the jaws on my antique (60+ yrs old) 3" vice I inherited from my father. I bought some 110-H02 copper for the job. I've read machining copper can be challenging. So, I'm looking for advice here. Do I use regular end mills or ones for aluminum? Do I use cutting fluid/lubricant...
  2. A

    Versa-mil Versa-shaper help needed

    Hi there, I got a Versa-Mil #2 with Versa-shaper attachment looking like it was never used, however some storage rust was build-up but not that bad, so some kind of eccentric shaft is missing to drive the shaper attachment, I got a straight shaft used for the 90deg head so I am guessing that it...
  3. A

    Oil for Pedersen milling machine

    Hi there, I need some help about my *new* Vilh Pedersen VP00 milling machine, well I can't find any documentation so I am inspecting and cleaning the gearbox, everything is going fine but oil was some kind of thick gear oil maybe an 70 or 80, I am not sure if it is the good one, for my other...
  4. A

    [Mill] Van Norman adaptor

    Hi there, I just want to share my biggest machinist success. Finally I managed to finish my adapter from Van Norman taper to MT2, after countless evenings of frustration and small progress. I got 0.02mm of runout on the tool, it's not that bad considering I have used almost exclusively Amazon...
  5. A

    Van Norman spindle taper grinding

    Hi there, I would like to share my setup to grind the spindle taper, may be it will be useful to someone. It was very badly pitted apparently from years of misuse so I got the carriage of my small lathe and the grinder.
  6. F

    Stacked Slitting Saws

    I’m new to machining but I’ve already got some jobs to do with the old Comet milling machine we just got at our shop. A guy who owned a machine shop two blocks down sold his business and we got the Comet, a surface grinder, and a bunch of end mills. We’ve got everything set up and I just spent...
  7. Susan_in_SF

    How To Remove Rust Without Removing Original Scrapings

    Hi guys, As many of you know, I wasn't planning on buying a Bridgeport mill, but then I recently stumbled across a super deal on one. This 2J Bridgeport had been used for years at a San Jose vocational school before it ended up with the private high school that I bought the mill from. The...
  8. N

    Variable Programming - Critique My Code, Please

    I've attached the blueprint of the part to be made and my code to machine the 5 slots in the OD. My goal is to have a program that regardless of the tool diameter, programmed radius or # of passes/DOC can be changed with relative ease. I'd like to make #527 passes where each pass is #528/#527...
  9. N

    Variable Programming - Critique My Code, Please

    I've attached the blueprint of the part to be made and my code to machine the 5 slots in the OD. My goal is to have a program that regardless of the tool diameter, programmed radius or # of passes/DOC can be changed with relative ease. I'd like to make #527 passes where each pass is #528/#527...
  10. cascao

    Screwdriver machined handle [Radial milling on a lathe]

    Rescued this old screwdriver with a new handle. It was a good use of my radial milling attachment The handle is a (almost) exactly copy of old one.
  11. Susan_in_SF

    Recommended Clamps For Kurt Vise

    Hi guys, Despite my love of vintage machinery, i am still keeping my 1976 Taiwanese Jet mill drill due to money and space constraints (1 car garage). I have been wanting a Kurt vise for my mill drill for quite awhile, but they were always too expensive. Since my milling table is only 9-3/8"...
  12. Ulma Doctor

    Monarch 10EE Chuck Key From Scratch

    I was missing a chuck key for my Monarch 10EE, so i made one from stuff i had laying around. :grin: i got a 1" diameter piece of colled rolled unknownium that i thought i'd start off with. i turned a few thousandths off the diameter and faced the end off and parted off a 7" length for the key...
  13. JetMech

    Precision Matthews PM30MV Mill dimensions and footprint- Stand Design

    Hi folks, I posted an earlier thread asking for advice on which mill would suit my needs. I got really great information from the kind users here, and will order my mill soon. One thing I'd like to do is begin work on the table for the mill, I think those stands that come with small mills are...
  14. JetMech

    Awesome New Mill- Is it worth it?

    Hi guys, Another post in the stream of noobs asking "which machine?" I have an introduction post here if you wnat to know more about my situation. In this case, I have a pretty narrow question: I have an opportunity to buy a mill, very similar to a G0704, for example. My plan is to use it...
  15. T

    Atlas Mill , Bench Horizontal Mill , MFC

    New here and anyone who has seen me knows this is on my hit list.. I am a budding Machinist trying to get a start I have limited Room , I don't have shiny restored awesome collectible kind of money I have this is sitting in my basement and I don't use it kind of money , I know there was...
  16. Sloth2009

    PM-727m New mill has arrived!

    I am a pharmacist by trade and have never used a milling machine before. I decided to buy this mill mostly to help slot guards for my knife making hobby and for some other projects I have planned like crossbow parts and sterling engines. I know it's been done before, but I'd like show a bit of...
  17. Bi11Hudson

    Angle Milling & Grinding - A hypothetical question

    First off, let me state that I have neither sine blocks nor a sine plate/vise. This is a hypothetical question at this point. I do intend to acquire both pieces in the undefined future but don't have either right now. The question I have is thus: The smallest sine block seems to be (Imperial)...
  18. H

    Small Boring Head

    My video this week is for a small boring head which I made to suit my lathe milling head ( ) It should also be suitable for any of the small milling machines, for which to my knowledge, there are few, if any, suitable commercial heads. A link to the video...
  19. S

    Is There Something Wrong With These?

    not getting any feedback to a previous post I gotta wonder if there isn't something wrong with an Advance Rotary Table. I see lots of posts regarding "what to buy" and "I settled for a Chinese knockoff". Just wondering what is the problem? This seems to be an extremely well built and accurate...
  20. dogma

    Is Parallel Width Significant In A Milling Vise?

    I have noticed that 6" long parallels are commonly available in widths from 1/8" - 1/2" and am wondering if this dimension is a significant parameter for any operation when using a milling vise? Thicker parallels seem attractive from the point of view of being less likely to fall over when...
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