1. GunsOfNavarone

    Short chop build

    I have been a motorcycle rider since I was 6...back in 1975! Anyway, I sold my last bike about 10 years ago and have been building cars/trucks since. I'm not a big biker anymore, but can y see throwing the kind of money i been throwing at vehicle the last...well very long time, so I decided to...
  2. GunsOfNavarone

    Heavy taper, help with velocity stack how to.

    One of the reasons I bought this lathe, and the tooling, expensive block of aluminum and well, let's just say I spent $2500 so far to make a $50 set of velocity stacks. Its about the adventure! Anyway, the picture attached is ballpark what i want to do. How do you pull off that taper? Would...
  3. cascao

    Motorcycle wheel bearing remover

    Made to allow centralized force be applied on bearings while removing. This bearing extractor have a conical hole wich expand when conical mandrel is inserted. Made this wheel bearing extractor in a rush, so don't be picky with weird saw cuts. The goal is to avoid bearing wobble when removing...
  4. cascao

    Levers improvement

    Gunrunner you need to order a set of these for the Z axis hand crank. Bill did you just spit coffee on your monitor? :rofl:
  5. Subwayrocket

    Dirt Bikes, Bikes, ORV's . Who Rides ? Post your Pics/Vids

    I hear dirtbikes and motorcycles mentioned often enough on Hobby Machinist so i'm going to start this thread. If you've got some nice pics or vids of your bike(s) or other motor sports machines , post'em here . Bikes, Atv, Sleds, hot rods, whatever. It will be a nice little "off topic"...
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