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  1. A

    Beginner seeking opinions

    Good day everyone, I would like to solicit your opinions/advice on my future purchase of a used lathe and mill. I am currently looking at a Sharps 1640 220/3phase lathe and a 1980's Jet 1236ps lathe and lastly a Rong-Fu 45 mill with 2 Axis DRO and x power feed. My question is what should I be...
  2. N

    Need help deciding between PM-1440GT and PM-1340GT

    It seems that the 1440GT has a slightly larger Spindle Bore, and a slightly longer spindle length, and can spin a 14" stock as opposed to 13" of stock over bed, uses D1-5 Camlock instead of D1-4 Camlock, it is a few hundred pounds heavier which can add to rigidity, but other than that I'm not...
  3. davidpbest

    New Member - Looking For Advice On Pm1340gt Purchase

    Greetings, I’m new to this group as of a few days ago, and have been reading a lot of the postings here about the PM1340GT, and I think I’m now ready to ask a few questions. First, some background. I’m searching for a new lathe but have shop space constraints that limit the size of the lathe...
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