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January Project of the Month [3]
  1. Randy803

    Finishes South Bend 16

    Took almost 2 years to finish. Everything was rebuilt... I attached a before pic.
  2. StepSide 88

    1942 South Bend Heavy 10- Barnyard rebirth

    It came to me from a pile of discarded farm implements sitting under a tree. I'm told it served in the south Pacific aboard a tender. I'll let the pictures tell the story from here.
  3. M

    [Newbie] J-head And Hardinge Restoration (1957-ish)

    Howdy all, I just posted this over in the Bridgeport section http://www.hobby-machinist.com/threads/1957-series-i-j-head-and-1957-ish-hardinge-hlv-new-to-me.51795/, but figured I'd slap it here as well. I acquired a couple of (free!) machines which came from a small maintenance shop and were...
  4. M

    1957 Series I J-head And 1957(ish?) Hardinge Hlv [new To Me]

    Greetings All, I just acquired - for the low, low price of nothing, two things: 1) 1957 Series I J-Head Bridgeport - pancake motor 2) 1957 (near as I can tell) Hardinge HLV Lathe Overall, I don't think that - given their age - they're too bad off. They certainly need some extra special TLC...
  5. jmhoying

    [Documentation] Cincinnati Traytop Hydra-shift Restoration

    I purchased a 10x36 Cincinnati Hydra-shift that is in decent mechanical condition, but is about as ugly as they come. I'm guessing that it was in a shop in the 1980s when things got slow and someone was told to paint the lathe. That person didn't clean the lathe first, so that is why I have...
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