1. tcweb

    DRO on Enco Mill/Drill (RF30)

    I'm working on the DRO for my Enco branded mill drill. Yep, there's a dozen posts out there for people doing the same, but the pictures are not always that great, and many chose the magnetic scales, not glass, so I wanted to get some pics out there and ask some questions. X-axis is about as...
  2. tcweb

    Enco Mill - motor takes a few tries to get to full speed

    Hello experts, I have my Enco mill (RF30) up and running and have an annoying problem. When I turn the switch (forward or reverse, doesn't matter), the motor immediately kicks on and comes up to about 1/3 speed, then stalls or "pulses" at about that speed. It must pull a ton of current, as I...
  3. H

    Rf-30 Dro Install - Way Cover Ideas

    I've installed the X-axis scale on the back of the table and am challenged to come up with a way cover design that will work. RF-30 Y-axis ways (2) by heli_av8tor posted Nov 21, 2016 at 10:02 AM Here is the exposed ways with the Y axis extended away from the column. RF-30 Y-axis ways (1) by...
  4. N

    Added An Angel Eye To My Enco Rf30 Mill/drill

    After seeing what some of you have done with an angel eye, I ordered one for my RF30 (about $9.00 delivered from ebay). I made a simple switch box from a PVC connection box and used a leftover 18v computer power supply (the LEDs run on 12 - 24v). The switch box was attached to the side of the...
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