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    Rockwell 11" lathe speed indicator

    Hey Rockwell owners, I have an 11" Delta (Rockwell) lathe which I have used for several years, but never fixed the variable speed indicator inside works which move what's on front of the cabinet. This is a hand wheel rather than a lever changer. I cannot find a pix of the mechanism which...
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    Rockwell Rusnok Frankenmill

    Just purchased this Frankenmill. Rockwell base and a Rusnok ST head. I am a little concerned about how rigid it will be with kluged mounting. Flat plate welded to the Rusnok mounting post. I guess the Rusnok St was made to be mounted on a horizontal mill as a convertible head. It came with the...
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    Delta Rockwell 21-100

    Here's my milling machine. Kind of bare bones. Came with the Palmgren vise, coolant pump in the base, some R8 collets, a few flycutters and that's about it. Seems to be in decent shape. Table is clean, no holes or gouges (yes, I checked under the vice). The ways are good. It's got the original...
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