1. Susan_in_SF

    How To Remove Rust Without Removing Original Scrapings

    Hi guys, As many of you know, I wasn't planning on buying a Bridgeport mill, but then I recently stumbled across a super deal on one. This 2J Bridgeport had been used for years at a San Jose vocational school before it ended up with the private high school that I bought the mill from. The...
  2. ThunderDog

    Scraping straight down and datum points

    Hi all, It's been a little while since I've touched some scraping projects. I've been on a roll of machinery upgrades, namely the new to me Wells-Index Super 55. But, that has only lead me back to scraping and checking of machinery. As I've been reading Machine Tool Reconditioning(RTC), I've...
  3. W

    Camelback Straight Edge Scraping

    I have a 6' camelback that I bought on eBay a while ago with no confidence in its scraped surface -- probably not too far out given that it has been scraped before, but likely not Grade A anymore. My biggest surface plate is 18"x24", so I picked up a 5' granite parallel when it dropped in my lap...
  4. ThunderDog

    Checking a cast iron surface plate (Video Included)

    Hi all, Continuing my exploration and understanding of scraping and measurement, I am trying to identify if my used tools are acceptable to begin some small practice scraping projects. I am referring to Connelly's text, section 9.12 for this video. As I posted a video over on the Sheldon...
  5. S

    Scraping a mini lathe?

    Probably a silly question, but I was wondering if anyone has scraped in one of the Chinese mini lathes. I want to learn more about scraping and thought it might be a good project to see how smooth and accurate they could be made.
  6. M

    1957 Series I J-head And 1957(ish?) Hardinge Hlv [new To Me]

    Greetings All, I just acquired - for the low, low price of nothing, two things: 1) 1957 Series I J-Head Bridgeport - pancake motor 2) 1957 (near as I can tell) Hardinge HLV Lathe Overall, I don't think that - given their age - they're too bad off. They certainly need some extra special TLC...
  7. E

    Lathe Bed Restoration

    Hello folks, I've found a lot of good information on this forum so I though't I'd pick the brains of the experienced machinists here about restoring the bed of my lathe. I have an Atlas 12 inch lathe, and like many who own one, it's seen better days. I've done a lot of work on the thing (and...
  8. B

    Scraping Question

    I recently acquired an Atlas 10 with a 54" bed. It has wear along the first foot or so of the ways. In order to scrape the whole bed back together would I require a straightedge that's around 54" long? Would a surface plate that long work if I scraped both sides in simultaneously? Just...
  9. jjtgrinder

    [Newbie] Metal Scraping Terminology Question

    I am considering learning the rudimentary elements of metal scraping. I would like to develop a basic set of skills. I downloaded "The Art of Metal Scraping" by Robert R Wade. On page 19 , in the third full paragraph. At the end of the first sentence he states "picking a rough bearing". He...
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