1. A

    Sherline Mill 5400 or 5800 and Packages

    Anyone have any experience with Sherline's 5800 mill or opinions on it over the 5400? I am about to get a full workshop from them but am undecided about the mill selection. I feel like the larger working area of the 5800 would be great but to my, admittedly untrained, eye it looks less rigid...
  2. B

    Trouble removing lead screw and thrust on 5400 mill

    My Sherline is from the 1990s, back when there was no saddle lock. I ordered the 4017U upgrade to add the lock but before I got it out the bag I read on here that there's an even better option, the 4017Z which includes a backlash adjustment. So I swapped it out for that. So far so good. Step 2...
  3. Forty Niner

    Just ordered Sherline rotary table with controller at good price.

    Sherline has a good deal, monthly special, on their rotary tables. I just ordered the 8700 rotary table with CNC controller Here it is: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- P/N 8700 Programmable CNC Rotary Indexer Regularly $761.25, Save $152.25, Now only...
  4. jhmiii

    Sherline Mill Saddle Movement Beyond Backlash

    I have a manual Sherline mill and recently I have been having a lot of problems whenever the endmill starts to cut past the end of a part. The cutter starts dropping down and digs deeper into the work piece. Sounds like backlash, so I loosen the set screw, raise the motor, push down on the...
  5. C

    Slits In O1 Or A2 Tool Steel With Cnc Mill And Slitting Saw?

    Hello, I have a project where I need to make about 100 or so slits evenly spaced width wise about 0.03" width and depth (<- not 100% set on) in 5/16" x 5/16" square O1 or A2 tool steel. I have been doing a lot of research on what kind of tools I think would be able to do this and I was...
  6. jhmiii

    Sherline Leadscrew Binding In One Direction

    This problem has arisen recently and I have not been able to figure out the source. I was seeing a lot of movement in the cross slide while cutting and getting chatter as a result, so I adjusted the gib for a tighter fit. All was well for a few months, but now I am experiencing difficulty...
  7. TonyL

    Contemplating My First Mini Metal Lathe Purchase

    Hi Folks: I am delighted to find this forum. I am looking forward to purchasing my first mini metal lathe. I am a penturner, but want to learn how to make small parts for pen turning as well as make pens out of metal. Basically, I just like making things. I am looking at Sieg, Taig, and...
  8. B

    Sherline Quality?

    Can anyone give me some pros and cons on sherline equipment? I'm looking to get a mini lathe and they seem to be pretty popular. Input is appreciated. BillShop: Shop photos and some work... - YouTube
  9. tomw

    Winner Pm Research Engine #7

    Dear All, I have decided to post a build log of my attempt at making this engine: from PMRs casting kit. I chose this engine because it is really two engines that have been joined together, giving me twice the opportunity to learn how to do things. Also influencing my decision is the build...