1. Zyox Jägergeist

    Heavy iron rolling in

    It's been a while since I've posted anything. Frankly been to busy to, moved and been working hard to get everything built up and in it's place. Well, it's been a lot of work in a short timeframe. Poured the floor, got the walls insulated and drywalled, finally rolled everything in, in about a...
  2. Eddyde

    Lathe Delivery, Backhoe Required

    Hi All, Back in mid March, I found the lathe I'd been looking for on eBay, a 13" Clausing Colchester. The lathe looked pretty good in the pictures and the description sounded accurate from what could see. The price was around the usual for that machine. I took a chance and put in a lowball...
  3. Susan_in_SF

    Shop Press Jack Location

    Hi guys, Although I have no space, I feel I need a shop press. I noticed there are 2 different shop press designs. One where the jack is under the top beam, and one where it's above. Does the jack location make any difference with the press' performance? I am attaching a couple of pics...
  4. cascao

    Shop Press Brinell test

    Had someone used a regular shop press plus a bearing ball to conduct a Brinell test? My goal is identify unknown steels and relate brinell hardness with ultimate strenght. At 3tons, there much risk of ball bearing exploding?
  5. Kamloopsendo

    Space to install PM-1340GT lathe and PM 9x35 Knee mill

    I've ordered a PM-1340GT lathe from Matt at QMT and my plan is to get the mill next year once I've got the lathe up and running. The space I have is a wall about 15 & 1/2 feet long with one end of the wall simply ending in the middle of my shop so figured I'd put the mill here at the end of the...
  6. W6PUG

    Relocated - Me And Shop!

    Been a long time since I posted anything - finally got out of CA and moved to Grays Harbor in Washington state - and really enjoying it ... got 10 acres, big house, 2500 sq foot shop ... trying to get that one organized ... still doing some wiring ... lathe sitting on trailer in shop (need to...
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