south bend

  1. jakes_66

    New to me South Bend 7" Shaper, stoked!!!

    I just purchased a 7" South Bend Shaper at a local auction site. I've had my eyes peeled for one for years now, so I'm super stoked to have located such a nice example. Now the homework begins. A thorough inspection, purchasing correct lube oil, test runs. I'm very excited to give this...
  2. FriscoMustang

    South Bend 9A 644R Advice on purchase?

    Thanks for taking a minute to help a newbie. I’ve been doing some very minor fabrication in my home garage and have decided I’d really like a lathe. I had my eye on a good looking, possibly restored 618, but after doing more research decided I wanted to go ahead and get a lathe that I could grow...
  3. MyLilMule

    Refurbishing a 1941 13"x5' lathe

    I recently acquired my first lathem, a 113-B built in 1941. It was in "working" condition when I bought it, but a previous owner had it so gunked up with grease, instead of oil, that I decided I was going to take it apart, clean everything the best I can, give it a fresh paint job, and put it...
  4. Sugarkryptonite

    South Bend 13" mechanical restoration

    Hi guys, I'm a beginner to the machining world. Grew up watching my dad working on his SB13, mills, welders, etc. My dad had this lathe sitting around as a spare for his SB13 in the corner of our shop. I asked one day if I could restore it and he said sure. This will be a slow process, and...
  5. tcweb

    SB9 - thread dial castings

    I had printed myself a South Bend thread dial years ago. Last year a friend who has access to a NICE 3D printer made me one out of a composite plastic (nylon and carbon fiber I believe), and it works great. Well that same friend just decided to get into casting, and this was his first...
  6. silverforgestudio

    Need help identifying a SOUTH BEND stamped part MSA-102

    Finally going through a bunch of boxes from a shop cleanout I helped with several years ago... in this box was a mystery part with the SOUTH BEND stamp on it and a part number MSA-102 Can't find it in my searches- and I am not a South Bend fellow so Im not aware of parts- looking for some help...
  7. Ecosta777

    South Bend XY Table (VTB-101)

    I bought half of this XY table from a member on this forum. It included both indexing hubs, one table, and the base. I wanted a complete set to form the XY table, but some of the prices on ebay are ridiculous. There are two single tables and bases currently listed at $375, and $500, and a...
  8. Susan_in_SF

    No More Machine Purchases (After This One)

    Hi Guys, I wasn't planning on buying another lathe, but this one will be my last machine purchase, really. As you recall, a few months ago, I purchased a 2J Bridgeport for $450 from a private high school in Wine Country, Sonoma. Today, I visited another ritzy private school that was selling...
  9. DonMurray


    This is my first lathe and I'm finding the references to it to be very confusing. Some folks tell me (with no little scorn) that it is one of "those workshop lathes." Yet the workshop only hold C2 collets this does C3. Do the parts for a regular 9 fit the JR? Any help would be appreciated. I am...
  10. Ecosta777

    Loop 5C Collet Chuck Build

    Hello everyone, I've been on this site for a little bit but this is my first 'real' post on here. I'll start out by saying I am a machinist by trade- I started in the tech program in high school and have been doing it for about 8 years now, but I also have machines in my basement and love to do...
  11. H

    Closed WTB - 9-12" lathe in South East PA/DE

    Hello all, I am looking for a medium-sized lathe (9-12" swing, 20-36" bed) preferably in the SE PA or DE area. I am working off a very limited budget, hence wouldn't be able to afford the latest and greatest. Ideally I would like a functional Emco Maximat (models 7 through 10), one of the...
  12. Susan_in_SF

    SB9 Lathe Follow Rest with Taper Attachment Possible?

    Hi, I have an old South Bend 9A that came with a nice taper attachment. I want to buy a follow rest for it, but wonder if it is possible to mount it while the taper attachment is on the lathe. Would I need to remove the taper attachment in order to use a follow rest? If so, is it a big pain to...
  13. Eddyde

    Garrett Wide Range Attachment (AKA, Garrett Millerette) for Lathes.

    This rare dividing attachment came along with the South Bend Lathe I just bought,I searched the internet and came up with not much information on it other than it is a milling/dividing attachment and was listed in the South Bend catalogs in the 1930's (I haven't checked other decades yet). It...
  14. jakes_66

    South Bend Milling Machine - squaring the head

    I've enjoyed setting up the South Bend VMM I bought a few weeks back. I've been doing a pretty thorough examination of the machine and noticed something that has me worried. The head is not 'square' to the table. Some explanation is needed: The head on this machine does not 'nod' in the same...
  15. Susan_in_SF

    Opinions on Drip Oilers For South Bend 9A

    Hi, I have seen online a couple of South Bends that have 2 drip feed oilers on top of the headstock. Has anyone here had any experience using these oilers? Is it worth buying since it supposedly may better ensure constant spindle lubrication, or is it just stupid, where it's better to oil it...
  16. brino

    Instructions for fitting South Bend Taper Attachment Form 1072

    Instructions for fitting South Bend Taper Attachment (Telescopic Type only) Form 1072 South Bend Lathe Inc. Thanks to @dlane for providing the document! I am just uploading it for him.
  17. Susan_in_SF

    Reasons to Keep Smaller Lathe

    Hello, I am a newbie who bought a nice old Craftsman 101.07301 metal lathe awhile ago. At the time I bought it, I really did not know (beyond the obvious size issues) the limitations of such a small lathe. At the same time, I am working out of a 1 car garage that also has woodworking equipment...
  18. Randy803

    Finishes South Bend 16

    Took almost 2 years to finish. Everything was rebuilt... I attached a before pic.
  19. Y

    should I replace 10k Lathe wicks

    As the title suggests, how does one decide his lathe needs new oil wicks? Seems like everyone who works on these lathes talks about the wicks but does not specify an age or way to tell if they are bad. I bought a rather dusty but unworn 10k lathe, number 7340KAR8, in 2008. Long story short I'm...
  20. StepSide 88

    1942 South Bend Heavy 10- Barnyard rebirth

    It came to me from a pile of discarded farm implements sitting under a tree. I'm told it served in the south Pacific aboard a tender. I'll let the pictures tell the story from here.
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