steam engine

  1. tomw

    Grasshopper engine build thread

    Dear All, I have decided to put together a build thread for my next engine, Elmer Verburg's Grasshopper (grasshopper beam )engine. Plans are here. I decided on this engine because the mechanism of operation is interesting. This article at Wikipedia discusses how it operates. The design is...
  2. workingsteam

    Corliss Steam Engine

    I took 19 years of spare time to complete the model. The castings came from Cole's Power Models that has gone out of business now. I am working on completing a working set of drawings for the 1876 Expo Corliss steam engine.
  3. tomw

    Winner Pm Research Engine #7

    Dear All, I have decided to post a build log of my attempt at making this engine: from PMRs casting kit. I chose this engine because it is really two engines that have been joined together, giving me twice the opportunity to learn how to do things. Also influencing my decision is the build...
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