1. cascao

    Tool for centering a punch mark in a lathe

    It is just a long flexible rod with a tip in one side and a taper for tailstock on other.
  2. Susan_in_SF

    What Is The Name Of This Awesome Tool?

    Hi guys, Awhile ago, a machinist who was moving out of state sold/gave me a bunch of stuff. While we were chatting in his garage, he told me the name of this tool, told me how useful it was, and said I could buy it in the gardening section at Home Depot. He said this tool would enable anyone...
  3. F

    Unknown lathe tool/attachment, help!

    Hi everyone! Got a box of lathe tools and bits the other day, found in it a unknown(to me) lathe(probably) tool/attachment. Please see pictures. Can anyone help please? I am guessing that is a spring winding attachment, but if it is, I have no idea how to use it. And probably some parts are...
  4. cascao

    Bump straight knurling tool

    After making a scissor knurling tool, I become intersted in making a straight knurling tool since it: > is greath when you need transmit torque between a steel shaft and a plastic wheel.; > it can bring me more choices when making stuff; > I can "save" a interference mount part infortunatelly...
  5. cascao

    Clamp Type Knurling Tool

    Made this Clamp Type Knurling Tool based on a smaller comercial item I already have. This one can be used on bigger diameters [bit over 2"], mount centered on tool post and is more robust. Screws can be tightened to remove side slope. Test run showing welded support. All parts were made in...
  6. cascao

    Surface Finish On Mini Lathe. [shear Tool Win! Do You Know It???]

    Have done few tests last saturday. The old and slow shear tool was the winner. (at least for my conditions) IF the diameter was bigger, than the indexable Sandvik insert could have a better result. [Edit] Have done a research on materials too...