1. Susan_in_SF

    How To Use These Levelers' Grooves

    I have several vintage levels that have a groove on the bottom. OK, I can understand that these were meant to be put onto something where you just move the level across. However, exactly WHAT would be that something that the levels would be slid across, especially when the groove dimensions...
  2. Susan_in_SF

    My Free Lathe, Thanks To This Website

    Actually, my headline should read, "My Free Lathe, Thanks To Moderator/Staff Member Jim Dawson." Thanks to Jim, I am now the owner of a complete 1941 Logan lathe! An older couple is selling their house, here in San Francisco, and were desperate to get rid of their metal lathe out of their...
  3. middle.road

    Vintage Manuals and Information

    This site has been posted a couple of times in other threads but mostly just for a specific machine. Thought I'd post it with a title that will show up easily in a site search. Rather a varied range of info, mostly lathes with some other cool stuff. http://pounceatron.dreamhosters.com/docs/...
  4. Dustynorm

    Vintage Bertram Lathe Restoration - Cont'd

    I have been struggling to remove the end-play bolt for the spindle, over the past few days I was able to find the time to make the tool that I thought would do the job. Hand-forged Lathe End-play Nut Wrench Even with the tool it proved to be more work than I expected. I had to collapse a steel...
  5. Dustynorm

    Vintage Bertram Lathe Bull Gear Lock-nut Fabrication

    I've been working most nights on my lathe restoration, I just completed a part for the bull-gear on the lathe in an effort to bring it back to a "like original" condition. Thoughts? Thanks, Dusty
  6. Susan_in_SF

    Wiring for New Vintage Pushbutton Box

    Hi I ran into a beautiful vintage power hacksaw. I have no pics of it now since, due to its weight, I had to remove the cast iron lathe-like legs off to load into my car. I bought this vintage NOS pushbutton switch for it. It is a Westinghouse model 1033369 E. I could not find any wiring...
  7. Susan_in_SF

    Help Finding Atlas 73 Bearings

    Hi guys, A 15" vintage Atlas 73 floor drill press fell onto my lap (ouch), and I was hoping to get help here in buying the correct size bearings. Below is a screenshot from the manual: Do I just Google "2.05 bearings," or do I need more info? I just bought my drill. It's sitting in my car. I...
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