watchmakers lathe

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    I purchased a Boley F1 lathe from Europe as an American. (Need Help converting 220v to 110v)

    Hello I purchased a Boley F1 lathe from Europe and would like info on how to convert from 220v to 110v and incorporating a foot pedal. I live in the USA and have heard that the easiest route I can take is to use a VFD to control the speed and output 220v on my 110v apartment connection. If I...
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    Need help identifying lathe and drill press

    Hello all, new to the forum and general machining. I need some help identifying my late grandfathers lathe. It doesn’t have a lot of the manufacture’s stamp on it anymore. All I can gather is a watch company’s name (image below). That’s the only identifying mark I can find. The lathe still runs...
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    Handmade Watch Screws

    Hi guys, I thought I would share my experience in making small handmade screws. The screw is made from water hardening silver steel (drill rod) has a M1.0 thread, Ø2mm head and a total length 3mm. I struggled capturing the blueing process this time as my head would get in the way of the camera...
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