1. D

    Quick question on grinding wheels

    I have a newbie question here. I read in "The Home Machinist's Handbook" by Doug Briney that coarse wheels are better at rapid material removal on soft metals and fine wheels are better at fast removal of hard metals. This seems counter-intuitive. Is this correct? I've been grinding my HSS...
  2. cascao

    Bump straight knurling tool

    After making a scissor knurling tool, I become intersted in making a straight knurling tool since it: > is greath when you need transmit torque between a steel shaft and a plastic wheel.; > it can bring me more choices when making stuff; > I can "save" a interference mount part infortunatelly...
  3. cascao

    Motorcycle wheel bearing remover

    Made to allow centralized force be applied on bearings while removing. This bearing extractor have a conical hole wich expand when conical mandrel is inserted. Made this wheel bearing extractor in a rush, so don't be picky with weird saw cuts. The goal is to avoid bearing wobble when removing...
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