1. N

    Wiring Atlas 10” QC-54 for 115 volt

    Hi everyone, restoring my Atlas 10” QC-54 for 115 volt and need help :) it is already wired for 220 and unfortunately No 1 wire is not tagged! Not too savvy with wiring motors! I have attached the wiring chart from the back of the plate as well as a picture of how it is wired as of today for...
  2. O

    Peerless 1/2 Hp Motor 220 Wiring Question

    Hi guys! I’m putting together an old Clausing lathe that I got from my my grandfather. It has an old Peerless 1/2 hp motor that can either be wired for 110 or 220. It is single phase. It has 6 leads coming out of it which are labeled: T1,T2,T3,T4, C1,C2. I would like to run it for 220. I am not...
  3. B

    Re-wiring a Dunlap 1/3 HP Thermotron Model #115.5454 Split-Phase Electric Motor

    Ok, here goes. My first post. Like most 1st postings, I screwed up & need help! Background: I have a 1941 Craftsman 101.03622 drill press. It is powered by a Dunlap 1/3 HP Thermotron Model #115.5454 Split-Phase Electric Motor. My dad bought the press in the 1940’s. I used it throughout my youth...
  4. W

    Limit/Home Switch Wiring

    So I finally got back from deployment and started opening boxes and playing with toys I got while away. First project of mine was to assemble my CNC control box (I got the aluminum box and parts from Automation Tech). So far so good, although its taking longer than I would like since I'm anal...
  5. Susan_in_SF

    Wiring for New Vintage Pushbutton Box

    Hi I ran into a beautiful vintage power hacksaw. I have no pics of it now since, due to its weight, I had to remove the cast iron lathe-like legs off to load into my car. I bought this vintage NOS pushbutton switch for it. It is a Westinghouse model 1033369 E. I could not find any wiring...
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