1440gt belts


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Oct 8, 2016
For those of you with a 1440gt, with stock motor & pulleys, what belts are you running? I used HF link belts for a while, which seemed to work fine, though they stretched over time. Due to the stretching, and concerns about them being intended to only run in one direction, I replaced them with Gates tri-power AX28’s. These run well, but are producing a steady amount of sticky black rubber confetti. I’ve had them for several months, with many hours of use, and the problem remains. The belts aren’t visibly damaged, and the pulleys don’t have any obvious roughness or burrs.


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Jun 12, 2014
I have been using the Gates Tri-Power belts for ~4 years in a 1340GT with almost no wear or rubber coming off the belt, so you may have defective belts. You may want to call Gates (or the place you purchased the belts) and explain the problems you are having and see if they will replace them. They have a warranty against defects. Could tri another brand, but I know a number of people runing the gates Tri-Power without any issues.



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Jan 2, 2018
My gates tripower are fine in 1340gt, but I replaced the sheaves with martins.The belt sits noticeably deeper in the martin sheaves vs the stock sheaves; also the martins are balanced better. Also I use belt dressing periodically. I assume your sheaves are aligned in the exact same plane?

One forum member had his sheaves precision balanced by a local company.


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Jan 21, 2016
My 1440 GT came with Mitsubishi belts and I too noticed some rubber flacking particularly on the upper edges of both belts. Not bad but I have noticed rubber particles adhering to the grease on gears.
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