1943 Monarch 10EE S/N 17646-Retrofit and Repair

Ulma Doctor

Infinitely Curious
H-M Supporter Gold Member
Feb 2, 2013
I routinely spin 1725 motors up to 4000. My thinking, they are built the same as 3500 inside and any made in USA item has 15% design room. So, how fast can you spin this one? The 10EE is built to easily take 5000 for short runs. I'm thinking work backward to get your pulley sizes.
I assume you are keeping the back gear??
You do know you need to trade in one of your other lathes so you can afford a 2J collet system. And then trade in another to get an Accurite DRO with their best scales. You won't be using them anyway after the 10EE runs.
Thank you very much Karl!
i'm not sure of the upper limit on RPM for this motor, but i'm sure 5000 rpm is within the operational envelope.
Yes sir, I'm going to retain the back gear operation.

i already came to the sad conclusion that a couple of my favorite things will soon leave and make someone else happy.

i have already been on the lookout for accessories for the beast :grin:
the 2J collets and Closer are on the list;)
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