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23,001 and Growing

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Staff member
Sep 18, 2012
We have 23,001 members now.
When I first came here we numbered less than 200.
Thanks to all of you members who continue to make this site the best on the world wide web, Thank You.
To all the members who take the time to share there knowledge and experience to help and educate the new members, Thanks is not enough. By your contributions, a whole new generation of Hobby-Machinist's will be able to carry on the "I can do that" spirit. The gift of knowledge is priceless.
To all you newcomers please remember that the only stupid question is the one you did not ask. Nobody here was born with this knowledge. And in most cases, we only learned from our mistakes. And that's not a bad thing. It's education.
To our Guest's, please take the time and join our group. Share what you know and ask what you don't.
As for myself, and the staff we are working full time to ensure that this forum is the best it can be.


Active User
H-M Supporter-Premium Member
Dec 20, 2012
Thanks also to you, Gator, and Ken and Terry and Tony (and Nelson who I hope is still around) and the other Mods for making HM the best hobby machining forum on the net. My personal thanks to all the members, new and not so new, for being the helpful, supportive guys you are. There is still a huge silent majority on this site and I would encourage you quiet lurkers to get active and join in on the discussions - you will learn more, and faster that way.

The one thing that I wish we could see more of is teaching in other fields. Most of us are not pro machinists but all of us earn a living at something that is sure to bring an expertise of its own. I know for a fact that there are professional electricians, physicians, firefighters, lawyers and who knows what else on this site. Yet we hardly ever see someone give a tutorial on something not machining related but that would be of general interest to the community. Maybe we can have a sub-forum for voluntary tutorials like this? I would be an avid reader, that's for sure.


Active User
H-M Supporter-Premium Member
Aug 22, 2012
Maybe we can have a sub-forum for voluntary tutorials like this? I would be an avid reader, that's for sure.
First post for the new sub forum. It can be moved once the folder is ready. (or deleted)

How to make the worlds best Gin and Tonic.

1, Place Gin in freezer for at least 12 hours (I keep mine in the freezer permantly, or until its empty.)
2, place glass in freezer for at least 1 hour
3, place tonic in freezer for approx 40 mins but dont allow it to freeze. (DO NOT USE DIET TONIC)
4, Use a vegetable peeler and remove the zest from a lemon
5, place zest in glass and pound well with the handle of a wooden spoon to release the oils.
6, Use one of these and juice the lemon, pick out the pips and pour onto the zest.
7, Add a few ice cubes
8, pour the amount of exceedingly cold gin you want over the ice. The gin should be so cold it crackles and pours like oil
The bottle is too cold to touch hence the cloth.

This was a full bottle with just the two drinks made from it.
9, Add the tonic, stir to mix well (no photo as I couldnt wait to start drinking.)

10, consume with great relish. I'm not an alcoholic as I only have one drink a night.

Now I realise that most of you are in the grip of a mini ice age and the thought of an icy drink will be an anathema at this moment in time but hold on, it will get warmer to appreciate this soon.
At the temperature I'm melting in at present its a welcome respite.
Most of all, enjoy.


Grumpy Old Man
H-M Supporter-Premium Member
Jan 9, 2013
It must be warmer where you are, Savarin. Sure looks good though......hmmmm.... maybe it would warm you up a little.....??


Active Member
Active Member
Sep 27, 2016
Quite often, folks claim to be Irish for an excuse...I dare say the same amount of us are English too! My folks are Glasgow and Staffordshire, and it's -4 C right now, Savarin. I am going to try your method this weekend with gusto.
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