2nd Oakland CA Scraping Class sheduled May 2018

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Richard King 2

Master Machine Tool Rebuilder & Instructor
H-M Supporter - Commercial Member
Feb 1, 2018
Hi everyone. As many of you know we had scheduled a scraping Class in Oakland CA from May 9 th - 13. IT is sold out and we had a waiting list of 4 people, so we have decided to do another class from May 15 -20, 2018. Please contact me if your interested. We have a shop located a little north of Oakland who will host this class.

I am now in a Hotel with my son Alex who helped me this last 5 days in the Sacramento CA class where I had the honor of teaching some of the Hobby Machinist members and a few now members, like Tom Lipton. I will be posting some photo's of that class soon. If you would like to attend the 2nd Oakland class in May write me at Richard@Handscraping.com or just message me here. Rich

PS: Tomorrow Alex and I will be tourists and will be driving up to BIG Sur state park and looking at the 1000 year old Redwood Tree's
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