3hp & 5hp VFDs

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Jan 20, 2016
These have been on a local (central Kansas) trading site for quite some time. I do not know anything about VFDs, but thought I would post them in case they are a good deal (I have no idea). I'm thinking that they have been on the site so long (and postings have been renewed) that the owner might reduce the price a bunch?

http://www.nextechclassifieds.com/listings/655696/ for the "Mitsubishi A700 380-480VAC 3hp inverter never been hooked or had power to it." asking $800.

http://www.nextechclassifieds.com/listings/655695/ for the "Allen bradley power flex 700,400-480VAC 5hp normal duty and 3hp heavy duty. Han never been hooked up or had power applied to it also have the manuel with it." asking $1,000.

They are in my home town & I would be glad to help in any way I can if needed.

Ulma Doctor

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Feb 2, 2013
the problem with the listed VFD's is the input voltage.
not many folks will have 3 phase - 380v or 480v service to their residence.
industrial folks would have better use of the VFD's


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Jun 12, 2014
They are good VFDs brands, but they are priced close to what you could buy them new and get a warranty/service, and as UD mentioned 380/480 is industrial service voltages. FYI, similar single/three phase 200-240VAC drives from Hitachi, Automation Direct, etc. would be about $400-600. Most industrial users probably get pretty good pricing through their distributors, so they probably aren't going to sell on CL at that pricing.
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