406 Elt Mount

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Aug 23, 2013
elt mount.jpg drill.jpg ream.jpg tap.jpg mostly done.jpg Well I am in the process of making a mount for a EBC 406 ELT, starting with the clamps that go on the 1/2" fuselage tubes first. Parts are 7050T7451 aluminum block clamps that are threaded with a #10-32 in one half and the other is .004 larger than an AN3 bolt. Next is to make the plate the Blocks and ELT bracket mounts to. It will be .250" 7075t651 plate. It needs to be stiff/rigid enough to take 109 pounds in all directions and not deflect more than .100" per the TSO requirements....I hope that 8 screws are strong enough to hold tapped into the 7050, if not maybe I need to helicoil them? There will be some clean up left and a little deburring but I think I am close. Maybe alodine them? Coat the fuselage tubes with Par-al-ketone? What sayeth the tribe? Tim
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