9A project completed

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Jan 31, 2016
Chuck and backplate off . Looks like 10" Heavy shortbed with undermount motor . Bed is badly worn , it has been a polishing lathe only for years and years . May turn out to be a donor . :grin: Either that , just use it as it is .


John York
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Jun 7, 2013
That motor that you took off was from a gas station gasoline pump; explosion proof. I used one like it to run a swedging machine to form a point on 1/16" stainless needle tube, to be used for checking pressure in wine bottles after corking to see if the vacuum corking machines were doing their job, made many thousands of them, after pointing they were cross drilled in one side near the point and a brass 1/16 NPT plug soldered to the other end; these made me a lot of $.
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